Obama is alarmingly Low on Campaign Funds

With nearly 100 days left until the presidential election Obama is trailing behind Romney by an alarming $35 million! If you believe that prop 8 passed because gay marriage supporters didn't raise enough funds than you might want to skip tomorrow's coffee and tosss Obama a few extra bones... Or not!



For the last two months, Governor Romney and the Republicans have outraised us -- and in the last month alone, they raised $35 million more than we did.They've caught up to us in the fundraising race for the first time this election, and we have to do everything we can to close the gap now -- before it's too late.Donate $3 or more today to help close the gap.We keep reminding you about this fundraising gap because when Governor Romney and the Republicans outraise us by that much, it matters. This fundraising gap means that Republicans may not only outraise us, they could outspend us this election -- on TV, in the field, and online.You better believe that when they're using their fundraising advantage to blanket the airwaves with misleading attack ads, Democrats across the board will feel the consequences.Our next big fundraising deadline is just a few days away -- and we have the chance to reverse this trend and keep Governor Romney and the Republicans from outraising us for the third month in a row.So help close the fundraising gap before the deadline on Tuesday. It's critically important. Donate $3 or whatever you can today:https://my.democrats.org/July-Deadline

Thanks, Joe