Man Commits Suicide at the Grove 07-01-12

This evening at approximately 7:30 pm an unidentified 27-year-old young man who was visiting The Grove (w/friends) leaped to his death from the shopping center's 6 story parking structure. 

We will continue to update you on this story when more of the details are made clear. 



Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member Brandi was also at The Grove &  had these kind words to share with her twitter followers. 

And this heartless b!tch wonders why her ex-husband didn't feel guilty 
when he cheated on her "sorry" fake a$$ with LeAnn Rimes.

Why do the broke single RH cast members always talk the most sh!t?

xo xo 


  1. What these queens will do for 15 Mins of fame!
    Was it done minus the condim?
    Did any any any one care enough to do an anal warts check?

  2. Classless. Now I know why I don't watch those stupid Housewives shows.

  3. HA! You bitches aren't any better. Fuck you.

  4. Of course you would post her selfish, heartless twitter comments. Her insipid mentality is perfectly aligned with your unprecedented lack of compassion for those who suffer from hardship and tragedy. Do your parents read any of the hatred filled things you post here or were you bred from a petri dish at the CDC headquarters?

  5. Is that the one who's fag husband offed himself??

  6. @ 958am - Fuck off! Getting cancer is serious, winning the loto is serious but if you're going to take this lil weho blog too serious you are wasting you're time. Almost nothing is sacred. Someone died another person tweeted... if life is too much for you to bear the truth... you should probably find a new place to get your news.

  7. its really sad that someone comited suicide but as bad this can sound i think Brandy's tweet is kindda funny, shoking, heartless but funny........and lets be serious, you guys calling her heartless bitch is even this site but come guys have tons of miles on the heartles track ;)


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