Andrew Christian
July 24, 2012

LipTickler Tuesday is ON!

Hey Darlings,

Celebrate West Hollywood's Own Darling Dancing Paul Boulon's (right) BIRTHDAY!
It's a NON Stop CrazeFest Every Tuesday at Micky's!

** OPEN BAR on the Patio for Guest Listers! 930-1030
** Dancers ALL Night Long!
** $5 Cocktails till Midnight!

DJ NELSTAR is letting U HAVE IT!

xo xo


  1. Butter face. Nice dick, nice ass, but her face?

  2. is EVERYBODY doing porn these days?? if that's the case can someone PLEASE locate a pic of brandon "womanizer" stoughton's allegedly-legendary gigantic cock?? im curious to see

  3. the BEST dancers!! Fuck those pricks at stuck up revolover!! shity expensive drinks at that asshole alfredo

  4. He does porn?! ... Just gross

  5. He's done tons of porn!! It's actually hot, though I feel bad for anyone who feels like they need to go that route.

  6. Is that a beached whale?

  7. i'd fuck his brains out

  8. pej this is about your speed

  9. links to porn please.

    looks like a shrunken head (w/ make up) on a fat body

  10. biggest cock in weho

  11. Paul's Uncle FrankJuly 25, 2012 at 5:10 PM

    Big cocks run in the family...Just a few links to prove this "Big Boy" was well deserving of a Happy Birthday.

  12. Paul's Uncle FrankJuly 25, 2012 at 5:25 PM I'm not to keen on this gay looking shit, but here's some more on my boy Paul's big dick...and um,!
    Looks like your big ass in this link Paul is giving your uncle a fucking hard-on!

    (and of course appropriately called "Pussy Party")

    See you at Thanksgiving, when I can show you just how "big" you're making your uncle!

  13. yeah its nice... but biggest in weho? come on really?

  14. he's chubby..needs to lose a good 15 pounds

  15. His older man freind that he has Homosex for $60 a pop or poop as the scat scene has ben so prevelent in his life as of late.. gave him the gift that kept giving then did a much uneeded add-on of gifting by Toping it all off with the ever so succulent case of the Anal Warts!

  16. How long has he been POZ?

  17. Weho Confidential LLC
    1030 N. crescent heights Blvd. #4
    West Hollywood, Ca 90046

    Weho Confidential LLC
    Regina Corsaro
    910 Shasta St.
    West Covina, Ca 91791

    Owner- Lucas John and Jimmy Chen (on Facebook) Regina is also an owner

  18. i am so in love with this guy ... sweet, sexy and fills out a pair of undies quite nicely ;)

  19. He really disgusted me recently, passed enough gas durng the photo chute that we thought it was Hirshima all over again and by the way let me tell you how his gas was scented. It was like 4 day old wheat grass enema that was expelled from a dead corpse that had been laying in Hezzbollah for a few days with a touch of henessy and lime juice and lemon curd on top of it all..made everyone in the room cringe and get on thier knees and pray to Bejesus that the smell of death was going to exit the cocaine cinged nostrils befor the next ten mintues was up- it was pretty bad. Then when he purched up that man hole of his and that gappy Mussy opened like a One Eyed Serpent from Shreck it was heavly outlined with succulent anal warts that looked vocantic and ready to erupt. I picked up my resuable smart and final bag filled with my make- up artistry implements and quielty walked out the door.

  20. he does pass quite a bit of gas if he bottoms for you get ready for that surprise

  21. Another disgusting human being

  22. He did disgust me also

  23. God, you angry queens are ass holes go to the gym, get a life and stop bitching


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