Kill * Fuck * Mary: Andrew Christian Model Edition

Brandon, Colby & Brent

Who would you kill?
Who would you fuck?
Who would you marry?

xo xo


  1. Speaking of which I need to steal another one of those Jack Spade bags today and on nearly naked infinity brief

  2. I think Brandon will do a good enough job killing a lot of people with his deadly disease. Someone call the CDC pronto.

  3. Brandon is not new just OC garbageJuly 30, 2012 at 1:07 PM

    Brandon is an old old old whore I remmebr him from TEN years ago running around the OC calling him self Bar Brandon. He is NOT new to many of us queens. Just another tired whore. We really need to have an Avoidance March for him s well. Theres ben talk about him being POZ for years and years and yes Anal Warts as well. Don't let this queen fool you with the I'm New story line. Not new to me and not new to weho and not new to Spreading germs. He was slepping with an ancinet old ass fotographer who let him drive his Hummer around I remember it all he and Chad Evans would run around together to Tiger Heat every week till every one saw thier tired faces and just gave them the polite ignore. So then they started going to lucky 7 on sundays and the shark club in costa mesa. Tired tired tired. didn't fool me. Im sure many of you will have your memory refrshed after reading my comment.

  4. This must be an intelligence test or something, since the only right answer is KILL them all. No one fucks or marries midgets or the diseased.


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