Andrew Christian
July 18, 2012

Katy Perry's "Part Of Me" Review

We had to reblog this as Gawker seams to know what's really up with the "blandest" pop star today and her inner circle of friends trying to "pay their rents". Who would've thought!?


Perry is the blandest of pop's current heavyweights, a mediocre, Alanis Morissette-influenced singer and decent hook crafter who peddles individuality via the day-glo wigs that everyone else is wearing and whose 2011 tour (profiled in Part of Me) gathers its influence from The Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland and Candyland. "How can you be too cartoony?" she asks as she's trying out costumes for the show. It serves as an inadvertent statement on her unidimensionality.

Read the full article here.

Sophonda Cox


  1. They didn't talk about her chucking her pups!

  2. Johnny Wujek is bald and ugly

  3. Katy is talented for sure. Weird as fuck, but talented. Give Kudos where it is deserved.

  4. Katy Perry is a fucktard. I don't know who's worse, her or Justin Beiber. They're both a couple of asshats.

  5. Bitch cannot sing live if her life depended on it. Johnny is a blad fat fuck with a ugly dick and no morals at all.

  6. "Gawker seams to know"...

  7. Katy Perry is NOT talented, NOT weird...and has big tits she needs to go away.

  8. Good thing you WC imbeciles know how to cut and paste (who helps you with that?) because you certainly can't be classified as writers.

  9. LoL so true - you should go see the movie and write your own review Sophonda. You are a waste of writing.

    Johnny is sexy and smart and a genius when it comes to styling Katy - why he has the potential to go further in life than any of you losers. I guess someone was a little jelly they werent invited to the bday party.

    And as for Katy. She is actually very talented. She gets nervous when she performs on camera but is voally amazing.

  10. ^^ Bradford, is that you? i really don't think international pop superstar needs random people anonymously defending her on fb, pro-bono. but that's awfully sweet if you! LOL
    secondly, what the fuck does "Sophonda Cox"' negative review of "part of me" have to do with whether or not she was invited to johnny wutang's bday party???

  11. ^^ Bradford, is that you?? haha I really don't think international pop superstar Katy Perry needs random fans (or wannabe friends) anonymously defending her on wehoconfidential, pro-bono, but that's awfully sweet of you! LOL

    Secondly, what the FUCK does Sophonda Cox' negative review of "part of me" have to do with whether or not "she" was invited to johnny wutang's birthday party???

  12. Johnny Wujek is not "sexy" lol. Hes 35 but he looks like hes 52.

  13. Johnny is only 35?


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