Katy Perry Chucks her Pups

Katy Perry's divorce from Russell was finalized yesterday. After a long battle with Russell ;lil Ms. Katy gained full custody of the two puppies she shared with he ex-husband.

But instead of taking the pups to a dog park to celebrate with mama, she stuffed them in a giant box and shipped them to a friends door step in the Southampton.

Apparently our favorite coke slut of the month can barely handle liquor let alone two dogs!

We wonder what her dog loving besty Perez Hilton has to say about her just abandoning her children.

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  1. Her new single should be California Pups

  2. "After a long battle with Russell" ... He didnt take one cent from the divorce.

    SUCH a battle.

  3. whooooooooooooo caresssssssssssssss

  4. Perez is so Not her besty. She tolerates him, similar to how Sarah Palin tolerates her lesbian friend that she allegedly has over for dinner, no pun intended, every now and then.


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