How Do These People Pay THEIR Rent ? ? ?

Jake Ogden, Tatiana Blankenship & Anderson Brooks



  1. awesome pic of them!!!! rawr.

  2. who cares... next!

  3. who is the fat moose in the middle?

  4. The fat moose in the middle has been trying to lose weight via the Tina Diet (and no, I'm not talking about Tina Yothers, either).

  5. Anal wart check up time!July 6, 2012 at 11:03 AM

    The one on the left I herd just sells his mexican vagina on craigs list when shes not working at moskatels downtown selling yarn to cracked out Club Kids ...the fat pig in the midddle is Weho"s token pig she is as nice as can be but when I saw her undies on the floor at her apt.. gurl let me tell YOU the skid marks on them undies? YOu would have thought a Plane landed on them! But the pig is nice and sweet as can be she just passes a lil too much gas prolly from the requent visits to them that rag doll on the right comes up from tottance each week to hate her bon bon at the clubs he nice to people so im not hating ,,,how ever lets talk more about....anal warts........................
    It would be good for us folks to know who is passing warts around.
    Now did yall see how Manny posted " Im busy today with things and helping the world solve its problems"
    Can you believe that some cd playing thought she and her jagged like a pill saffrons could save the world?! Any ways I'm glad Al Rantel commented "how are you going to do that? Cure cancer? World Poverty?"
    I'm glad that queen spoke up!!
    Manny why don't you focus on paying your $350 in rent for that couch you sleep on!
    Speaking of which -When I was over there last and saw him get up - I Iswear the roach ran rampant like it was the Break of Dawn and I swear they were riding dune buggys cause the couch was so dusty any who! I heard he is NOT welcomed in the Heaven lounge cause his breath smelled more like HELL! then Heaven ! Also I heard last week when he passed gas it was like Hiroshima all over again!!
    does any one care that Plastic Marter is shaking her unwashed lil asshol at the Sinister club Sat night? What about Mama Moo MOO- she having her lil Snow White party at the Santa Ana park! Honey I'm having my own SNOW WHITE party right here up my Nostrils!
    What about King Queen is that thing still gasping for air?
    Its been Real slow on the shoplifting for front but I'll give you a glimpse on what I stole and what it sold for at Crossroads!
    A. Christian 1 Toms shoes, jack spade bag,2 shorts-$47 at crossrd
    Sean on Palm 2 scarves,1 jacket ,1 pant $38 at crossroads
    LASC 1 porche sunglass,diesel shoe,1 jacket $78 at crossroads
    Block Party 3 shorts,two necklaces,5 tops $52 at crossroads
    It was too slow in the shop lifting araena..these stores havnt gotten any new crap worth stealing any ways...
    No whats alll the giberish about Eleven opening or closing or what?
    What happined to pho citi? Oh I will tell you ! They had a C rating then the health people came in and them asians , and you know no ones quicker then asians, they moved out the next day. I could see why Angelina Jolie adopted from China- they deliver! The vietnamese sure don't! You come here you come now!! Bu them chinese people will deliver any thing any one any where! Let's see what else is on my mind today...oh whats this about Fransisco Camargo not working at the um factory any more? Any one got some juice about that? What about the alcohol police raiding the Factory? I herd they took or should I say CONFINSCATED all the liqur to Test to see if it grey goose in them bottles or have you folks been drinking POPOV and paying for grey goose but didn't know it! Cherry pop is gone... I guest that cherry got poped finally! Oh gosh I totally forgot about Woody's beautyfull set of teeth! Does any one out there have any news on them Knarly lil things?! I think he should just sell them as Guitar Pics what do you all think! He looks like a damn idiot in all his pic- like he is constipated!! But then again Im not ready for that Jaws rendition of a smile!! Oh and did you all SEE on his Facebook that he said he was going to be on TV? Child, the ONLY time he will be on Tv is The NEWS for scaring kids with them jagged pill teeth of his ! I can see it now "jaws come to like in WEHO

  6. Continued...

    Again thats the ONLY time he will be on TV.
    Did yall laugh enuf when he and them old bartenders did there renditions of that sone "call me maybe'?
    I will TELL YOU right now after seeing that video what he should do is MAYBE CALL A DENTIST!
    I swear these queens will do anything to get noticed.
    How about paying your rent on time!!
    Arent yall sick and tired of these promotors telling YOU how excited they are about the nite they are promoting on that nite on face book?
    Im excited its stripper excited its hooker casino
    that Woody would squell each and every week...
    What happined to him being Frontiers' Blooger on nite life?
    Was that just a fantasy?
    Did the alarm clock go DING and he woke up as it was just a dreeeem?
    Tell me some body out there tell me!
    Well imma take a puff of crystal.....
    Im back.....the tatse of the crystal in my body..

    Lets laugh one more time about "call me A dentist!! Ha ha! HAAAAAA!"

    Mostt of these idiots are just the focus of collection departments,credit suiters and security at mall shops!
    They all love to be focused on!!!
    Arnt' yall sick of these queens who post shirtless picks of them selves with thier old ass appple I phones on face book?
    I swear the only reason why they do that is that they KNOW there T Cell count i sdwindling away and they were to high on rystal to make it to the AHF on Lacienega the day before for there meds!!
    I swear these queens Crack me up!
    Now...any one else get fired this week any where? Any store closings?
    evcitions on Larabee? How about anyone on Palm any evictions there?
    Any waz....I love all this banter!! Let stop featureing drag queens on here no one cares about them! Unless its halloween!

  7. Minus sent me to the free clinic!July 6, 2012 at 11:23 AM

    Jake and I bare backed one night . I loved it till 2 days later I had red bumps all over me! You found me sitting at the Saban Free Clinic on beverly blvd!
    That was the last time I did sumin Minus the Condim...except last night when I did it with Logan after the bar closed I but I promise it will be my last time bare backing!

  8. let's talk about griffin marc finally coming out transgendered! good for you, girl!

  9. ThePlanitWithTheMostRingsJuly 6, 2012 at 1:24 PM

    can we talk about that homewrecking, knows no boundaries, can't cram enuff dick up her loose cave Logan Carta?! i heard she wuz a reeeal naughty gurl this week. can she and her brother-uncle Rene go back to the trailer they were birthed in. o Logan chiiild, u should just wear a sign saying, any of you extreme sportz lovers out there wanna do some speluking and golden kayacking, call me Now and call me ur bitch! URANUS de Milo.

  10. Logan does Love his golden shower!! He took my warm load Up up UP his anus then he took my warm funny golden shower all over him! It cascaded down his body so gingerly..he craved for more !

  11. Mullberry is deadJuly 6, 2012 at 4:41 PM

    Tatiana is indeed a fat pig but supernice. I am glad she is done hanging out with her Tired downs syndrome looking friend Neal!!! He was soo retarded and smelled like a dead corpse and his asshol was just as bag YUCK! And his breath smelled lik ea Nigger's armit after being in the fields all day picking cotton!

  12. Its true she is a pig and eats to her hearts content but she is nice as the day is long. Lets talk more about the prevention of anal warts..

  13. PriventingAnalWartsIsEZJuly 6, 2012 at 6:25 PM

    The key to Not getting anal warts is: do not bottom for Preston lee. do not even let any part of his skin touch any part of yours, specially yer hole. do not scissor or bump ballon knots with logan carta. and do Not fuck him minus the condim. don;t breathe the same air as xandir tarigo or any of his "friends". that about covers it.

  14. The key here is...if you only likey minus the condim...stay AWAY from this individuals

  15. Can we talk a little bit more about Logan and his sex life? I did it with him in the Fiesta bathroom t weeks ago. Should I be woried about anything? We didn't use a condim

  16. I think its pretty common knowledge that Preston Lee BROUGHT anal warts to this town. He has been giving them out for years. Does he do his craigs list ads still does any one know? He NO designer just another hustler.

  17. Niggers unite with jews! And jump off a cliff to sharks waiting!July 6, 2012 at 8:07 PM

    Has any one checked on tatiana an dher vagina? Who was the last man that touched her other then her doctor?
    Does she shave her chocha?
    Now Manny's teeth...they look like they got a golden shower if you ask me!

  18. WOW. Tatiana is actually a really nice girl. "Pig" is a bit over do... she's actually lost a lot of weight since she started hanging out in WeHo with those washed up hacks Murrrray and that fucking con artist Sean... whatever his last name was. The one who always wore busted suits to Fiesta Cantina, was orange, and has eyebrows to rival most Armenian girls in this city. So let's not bash her too much you fucking queers. She's a really nice chick and would do anything for any of her friends I'm sure.

    The other two... are fair game. Especially Jake. He used to be a somewhat cute guy before he got sucked into the cesspool of WeHo clubbing. He didn't used to look like a complete woman and he DIDN'T used to do coke. I know his ex-roommate who laments for him on a regular basis. I feel bag for the queers who think that WeHo is the ONLY place they can go to feel accepted and then completely mold to every other guy at a club because they think they have to to be "themselves". Ridiculous. Don't change yourself because the people who "are like you" (aka gay, so, like you in ONE sense of your self) can't get out of this wretched city, never got to be themselves in high school, and then think it's a great idea to run away from their families to WeHo and club and drink until their mid-30s before realizing that their whole lives aren't ahead of them anymore. Looking at you JAKE. Move on. Go to school. Get out of this city. And get a job. People are accepting all over the place and you won't have to change who you are just because you're scared of gay bashers. This isn't 1965. Or 85 for that matter.

  19. Niggers will clean Jews will moanJuly 6, 2012 at 8:52 PM

    Tatiana I would have to agree with you that she is an angel- just likes to eat alot. DONT worry about Sean he got evicted from his apartmint and moved back to Denver. The he was seen was with Bobby Trendy on a TmZ video having dinner at Sur Lounge. He prolly spent the rest of his dough on that meal.
    Now more about Jake- yes he and I do coke 1/2 the nite and yes he looks like a woman now.
    Anderson is fun but will do all and I do mean all your drugs.
    Manny will do all your drugs too ...if you dont mind the way he smells which is like a dead corpse that has ben sunbathed in Hezzbollah for 3 days.
    Any wayz Im sick of Steven Dehler post shirtless picks all day..
    We have seen him over and over!
    Its time to move on!

  20. Suck my asshol clean then drink my poopJuly 6, 2012 at 11:02 PM

    Jake really does need to have teh anal warts singed off his anus. He contracted them a few years back at the foam party at MJ's when he was barebacking some people including my roomate. As far as Tatianana goe she find, leaver her lil asshol alone she fat and most fat people are nice.
    I would like to draw some attention to Woody's grill. Am I going to have to go through the whole I thought it was Jaws at the Hype tonite again? He rally should partner up with Manny and get a group deal going where he gets veneers and Manny could get some teeh bleaching done- it would be a treat for us onloookers.
    Also I wanted to somment on Logan and his STD update does any one out there know if he has contracted any more STD"s?
    I guess its a non issue with his roomate JJ that he just bring the germs home. Is he still pretending to "look the other way" as if they are dating while Logan has after work Trysts?
    Any other firing's at Eleven this week?
    Are people still just stealing from there employees and patrons as well?
    Also what happined to Chris Salvatore- or is hi sonly gig the Sassy thing every year at about this time?

  21. I would like to know more about Jakes penis...does any one have any details on his penis?

  22. I heard through the grape vine that Livonia is SUING TONY G!!!
    Yes Livonia booked me and some others for Sassy and Tony tried ever so hard to butt IN and now is getting his lil ASSHOL sued!!! Livonia told me not to dance for anyone but her ,but she did pay me so I'm kool..

  23. There will be T and there will be Shade!July 7, 2012 at 12:25 AM

    Lola Honey ,Lexi Leventhal an dI know the T and Shade with the whole Tony G situation and it Aint looking pretty! Livonia will prevail!! Yes she will!! Cashe has some T on this whole debacle as well. There will be T and yes there will be Shade we drag queens will stand up and we will FIGHT!!! No T no Shade is what they say but in THIS case there will be T there will be Shade!

  24. Where has Roman Heart been? I need to pee

  25. Livonia is in FULL force right now with emails to everyone! This is one battle where she will win the WAR!

  26. a Livonia ??!!

  27. Who the hell is Livonia or Tony G?

  28. Livonia is a drag queen who is going to RUIN Tony G to filth...yes filth as in urine and feces!

  29. So as they say "there will be egg on his face" or will there be "feces on his face"? I guest in this town fecal matters...

  30. Lola Honey and Lexi have been chatting up a storm about this online - girl the fight is on with that Livonia and Tony Queen! Gurl but who is going to win the war!

  31. Im ready to SLAPJuly 7, 2012 at 1:48 AM

    I will SLAP Toni the next time I see him.

  32. It's clear that it's always the same one or two stupid bitches that keeps posting the same stupid crap. Enough already. Shut the fuck up and get a life. You can't seem to come up anything new to say. Fucking broken records.

  33. TheOneThingThat'sWurseJuly 7, 2012 at 8:48 AM YOU ^^ 528 am. YOU reading this site at 528 am and leaving commints bitching bout it! YOU need to get a life

  34. a brokin record doesn't make any sound at all. because it's broken.

  35. anal warts check up timeJuly 7, 2012 at 10:59 AM

    RE: comment 5:28 Shut up Nigger!

    Re: comment 8:48 and 8:51
    I thank you for your support! I will continue to rant and to rave and expose these liars and cheats and anal wart spread queens in weho!!
    Thank you!

    New update..It has been proven that Manny does not carry Anal warts- he was witnessed showing his anus by bending over for some party goers to see him wiggle his tuush for entertainment- as people wouldn't pay for that it was done for of the readers did notice and did ask him to open his anus which he did and it was pointed out with the flash of an Apple I phone that his crevices were I guest you would say normal for him were a darl eggplant purple leadding up to a salmon pink innerd and showed no sign of any anal warts..though the smell was PUNISHING to everyone with in 25 feet it was a sight to see!! The scent was more or less like one of a rotten corpse that has been sitting in the ruins of Ethipia for 8 days and a hint of paprika and a douse of urine with a tinge of lemon juice just to give you readers an idea of what we all endured. so I'd like to clear up any question about his anus and anal warts at this time. Thank you Manny for the impromtu check up.

  36. Gosh ,it must have horrifed those party goers to get even a glimpse of Manny's poop chute!

  37. I will pin Toni down when I see him next and pass my tucked all day GAS right in his nosrills!! I'll try to even canon ball out a lil dingle berry for him to enjoy!!! There is a war going on now!!! Shade....T.................

  38. I don't think any one out there would think Manny had anal warts -who has had sex with him? I mean he is fun and nice and fun to do drugs with but I regard him the same way as I do the lamp in my house- theres a lamp and theres Manny....

  39. FUCK YOU. I was up early to get shit done today while you nasty faced assholes have nothing better than to do but obsess about Manny Patel. Seems like you cuntards have some sort of morbid fascination with the guy...and with anal warts. No doubt you dickless wonders have a dead job, dumpy bodies and a shitty face to match your attitudes. So, you can go fuck yourselves because that's probably any action you will ever see in your sorry pathetic ridiculous loser lives and even then you'd be lucky to get some.

  40. Re 7:28
    No nigger you were up getting ready to be part time help at Mcdonalds.
    Only part time help is awake on the weekends. I am young beautiful and drive a nice car. You are a Nigger with nothing how was work today tired aids stricken queen? How was it...let me sip my martini an dturn up Lady Gaga......

  41. Niggerz never lernJuly 7, 2012 at 7:51 PM

    Again nigger only part time help is up at that time "with things to do"
    Us leisure queens can be up all night drinking and getting high...
    So go to yur part time job at Mcdonalds, you damn Nigger!

  42. Niggers dont nerver learn!July 7, 2012 at 7:52 PM

    Re: 7:28
    let me turn lady gaga up just a wee bit more......

  43. Manny patel has been cleared of anal wart!! Great news!! At least one queen we know does NOT have anal warts!

  44. Manny and his teeth are fun to look at..every time I see him post on Face book me and Josh Beasly just sit there and laugh he reminds us of those monkeys at a circus side show that sits there and has two cymbols and they clap them for peanuts! Josh even sed if not that he reminds us of those snake charmers on the streets in India that do that for shellings of peanuts so they can go home an dmake wicker baskets out to sell along the river to white tourists!

  45. Drag Queen Extridinair!July 7, 2012 at 10:34 PM

    Manny do me a favor kiss my ass...yur music is shitty like yur asshol, cunt

  46. Manny smells like moth balls most of the time

  47. Fuck you, you bull shitting racist.

  48. And learn how to spell, you fucking ignoramus. Your worth as a human being isn't predicated on your supposed good looks (you really shouldn't believe everything you hear from your mother) or your "nice" car. You're a worthless human being because you're a piece of shit. Your lack of compassion tells me you come from a shitty home. Keep telling yourself that you're young and beautiful if it makes you feel better but, know this, sooner or later, everyone will recognize you for the asshole that you are and you will grow up to be a bitter sad old man. I feel sorry for you. You're pathetic.

  49. Niggers scarn kidzJuly 8, 2012 at 3:41 PM

    Re: 12:11
    Nigger, I will turn up Lady Gaga some mores because your a bitter go wait on some tables, while the Royal Queens of Weho Get high and drink some mores ..go on,,,

  50. Manny Josh TOny G Livinonia all jump off cliffs pls

  51. Bitch, why don't you shut the fuck up? I like how you assume
    I'm waiting tables. Is that the best you can come up with? And even if I were a server, there's no shame in having an honest job. You, on the other hand, sound like a shady mother fucker opportunist who's just waiting to ride the coat tails of someone else. Honey, you think you're cute but one day your sassy mouth is going to rub someone the wrong way and I can guarantee you will get your SKANKY ass beat. So, why don't you shut it and try to look cute because clearly you have nothing else to offer. And while you're at it go get a tissue because your mascara is running, cunt.

  52. Tati is fat. Anderson will do all of your drugs. Jake will too. They've both been fucked by half this city. Next!

  53. Jake = best sex ever!!!!!!!!


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