Hot Bartender Alert: Mathew James @ Micky's

We want to eat the sweat off of his MUSSY! 

He should just garnish our cocktails with his pubes.. fu(k the lime!

xo xo


  1. Let me just save everybody some fucking time...

    He has HIV/Anal Warts
    He barebacks
    He is balding/has a receding hairline
    He sleeps on a couch
    He drives a 2001 Honda Civic

    etc, etc, etc

    There now shut the fuck up.

  2. Mirelle D'latorreJuly 16, 2012 at 3:18 PM

    Dear outerSpace:

    He does not have HIV (which means you are FULL OF SHIT)

    If he barebacks so what? He's str8 anyways and give me a fucking break... WHO DOESN'T BAREBACKS IN WEHO

    Receding line??? But still fucking hot

    He doesn't sleep on a couch. I know his roommate and I know were he lives dumbass.

    And he doesn't even drive!!! LMAO

    You are prolly another bitter stupid lil queen from weho or maybe just a positive jealous bartender cunt


  3. Mirelle... you obviously couldn't tell that I was just pointing out how all of the pathetic trash on here, have nothing to say but negative and hateful shit day in and day out about ANYBODY that is posted on here. What I listed is usually the mean words that people say, and 99% of the time it's bullshit.

  4. "who doesnt bareback in weho"... classic... and exactly why I stay away

  5. Hello, I bare back get bare backed and Jimmy CracK corn and I dont care!!!

  6. Mirelle - did you really write that and sign your name to it? Moron.

  7. LOL at Mirelle D'latorre. She's irony deficient!


  9. At least we're all confident & WE ALL KNOW comment #1 is a pathetic troll, and all the things he said is a statement on gay WeHo guys, and not this heterosexual bartender.

  10. comment #1 was sarcasm you moron

  11. Hi,
    He let me suck him off in the bathroom at Eleven for two grams of coke:)
    Everyones gay for DRUGS which I have or money which I have as um NEXT>>>>! its weho what do you think goes on in THIS town!

  12. Let me check... Hmm... Nope, your daddies still don't love you and wish you were all dead, queeny bitches ;)

  13. so he got a BJ and 2 grams of coke? and you gave him money? you must be a real winner lol

  14. Honey, he is nobodys straight. But there are two tenders of bar at Mickys that I would hump in a hot second. WEHO CONF. I'm starting to second guess your definition of 'hot' this is not one of them.

  15. He's cross-eyed!!

  16. borrrring... next!

  17. he rides the small bus to work, if u stand next to someone ordering a drink he'll give it to you lol

  18. he's def not cross-eyed. if you cretins are going to ridicule someone from pitiful anonymity, you might as well make me laugh.

  19. i do bare and fell fine for this, and i do not need lub at all!


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