Andrew Christian
July 18, 2012

Griffin Marc & The "Gift"

She was probably 90, had her seeing eye dog and the only reason she stopped was because her dog was going nuts from the high pitched noises coming from the laundry room.

Mariah Carey is prepared to address this situation... "you're delusional"!



  1. The ONLY gift he has was the free pair of socks that also came with the Butt Pads he bought down town in Santee Alley!!!!!

  2. he has the gift that keeps on giving... anal warts

  3. you guys are obsessed with this boy.. move on

  4. Hi I am high on crystal tonight. Does any one want to fuck me beind Trunks bar tonight? I will be sitting on the bench behind th eclub with some heroin going through my veins. Im so very bored. Lets use our spit or blood for lube. Also I understand that Manny has been cleared of Anal Warts, butt his teeth are still as yellow as urine pouring out of a donkey's cock after basking in the sun in Hezzbolah. Did any one do an ANAL WARTS check on Cristpoher Clark last night at Mr Blacks? Did any one check his anal glands last night for the Anal Warts? Also has anyone stolen any liquor from Eleven this past week? Also I hear that Candis cane will be going clubing saturday. What ever happined to MOO MOO that drag queen? Is he STILL wearing the butt pads I sold him downtown?

  5. His Singing CoachJuly 19, 2012 at 7:33 AM

    Was that him singing or burning a cat?

  6. Somebody shove a cock in his mouth. PLEASE!!!!

  7. i mean, he HAS to be joking with that singing right?! please tell me he is in on the joke.

  8. Yeah I have to wonder if he's being serious, or if he's in on the joke as well. Because that's just retarded.

  9. ok guys he wasn't THAT bad. I worked with him at k24 and he can sing


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