George Michael announces he's "Back- Prouder than Ever, louder than Ever"

He's alive and he's not through, and has got so much more that he wants to do... legendary English singer-songwriter George Michael boldly declares this in his new single "White Light".

The pulsating electronic single, which beckons back to a late 90s dance feel, is clearly a direct reference to his nearly fatal experiences last fall. Michael spent a month in a Vienna hospital due to a severe bout with pneumonia. The singer spent 10 days in the Intensive Care Unit, beginning on November 21 2011, and was forced to cancel or postpone much of his Symphonica European/Australian Tour. The lengthy hospital stay also prompted much speculation and conjecture to spread across the internet, ranging from subtle insinuations to flat-out declarations that the recording artist was suffering from AIDS-related illness. Several anonymous sources were quoted to tabloids making claims that Michael has refused to take an HIV test for the past 5 years. Upon being released from the hospital in late December, Michael credited the medical staff as having saved his life and revealed that he had undergone a tracheotomy.

Michael told fans over Twitter in January of this year that he did not think his vocal cords would be ready for performance "till the summer", but the Symphonica Tour is set to resume on September 4, beginning in Vienna with two shows that had been postponed because of his illness. Congrats boo and TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. We're feeling the new jam and its optimistic outlook. A little odd hearing the "Faith" vocalist employ Auto-tune, but we won't let the sun go down on him ;) A post-tracheotomy, autotuned George Michael still sounds a million times better than Chris Salvatore.

"White Light" was released to coincide with the 30th anniversary of George's former double-team "Wham!"'s first record release. It is available on iTunes for download as well, and a music video is underway!

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