DIRECTV Dropped Logo & RuPaul: All Queens On Deck

Ru Paul is pissed y'all!!

Apparently Direct TV is not going to be broadcasting LOGO anymore & RuPaul is worried about being late on "The Rent"!

Watch her desperate call for help NOW!

xo xo

PS -
LOGO is re-branding itself towards women so maybe they're just using us without the courtesy of lube.


  1. Who Cares the less we have to see of these terrible queens and these awful Gay arthouse films the better. Want Queens? Go to Hamburger Marys, want art house fag films, go to sundance, want drama talk to anyone in weho. point is get off your ass and out from in front of the TV, or hey Get Dish Network.

  2. I think Roo Pauls 15 mins of fame is over!!! The show was getting tired any how. Same ol crap each season. Why on urth did they have Billy B a handy man pretend to know any thing about drag or fashion? Tired and yawn!

  3. the truth is that Viacom wants consumers to pay more for their content and of DIRECTTV SAID NOOO.

  4. La Corchis Tudor Stewart al Thani windsor borbonJuly 12, 2012 at 4:46 AM

    As far as Logo is concerned. RuPaul's Drag Race keeps the lights on at LOGO. After that not much else. There's that Canadian show1g5g with all those hairy effeminate men with horrible accents and a Persian-Indian-Canadian women who is just ugh (Aliya-Jasmine). I once suggested to do their own version in the US, with actual cute guys and some dumb blonde white girl that gays actually go crazy for. Oh well, all they have is RuPaul's Drag Race. Can you believe Bravo (Andy Cohen) told RuPaul "no".

  5. Lol. Chad Michaels wants a TALK SHOW ON LOGIO WITH LATEICE ROYALE. Lol. Silly Cher lady. Logo For some reason doesn't want to do that.

  6. Drag race treats its cintestants like shit even tho some feel like they don't. If the aim is to search for the next drag super star, why do they move in after they've won

  7. They don't actually help promote. They don't even do the talk show rounds. Like after each idol contestant will probably end up in the talk show couches on NBC or Conan. They at logo
    Don't let contestants make appearances on talk shows and you never see any of them plugging their books or songs or projects outside of Facebook.

  8. Logo doesn't let drag race contestants make talk show appearances while their season is airing on behalf of the show and not do you ever see any of the them make appearances to promote their music or books etc. so yeah. I'd you see them on drag race and they don't have any music or they're still back at the club, yeah they ain't made it. Plus logo has their own favorites that why you see who you see at drag U abd why they bring back who they bring back and yes there is scripted shut on there


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