Citizen Scam Alert: Is WeHo For Sale? - No on Item 5A (Athens)

As you may know citizens often make claims that the city of West Hollywood is for sale. That back door deals with wealthy developers & high priced vendors often take precedence over what's good for the city, its citizens & citizen tax dollars.

Council member Abbe Land responded sternly to these claims when she campaigned for re-election last year stating that "This City is not for sale". Council member John D'Amico won his chair with his campaign for change while demanding accountability from our city hall.

On Monday July 16th, 2012 we'll be able to test these claims when the council votes on agenda item 5A.


The contract with Athens (garbage vendor) started in 2008 and the proposed amendment aims to extend the existing contract until at least the year 2028. By our math that means that the Athens agreement will never go out to bid over the course of two decades. We're talking about hundreds of million dollars of citizen tax money that's going to be spent with out any negotiation for the next 16 years. How can anyone at city hall endorse this contract with out knowing what the state of the city & the  economy is going to look like ?

So other than city manager Paul Arevalo who makes a measly 400k annual salary, the man who is responsible for placing  this item on the council's agenda this Monday, who else is pushing this CORRUPT deal on to WeHo?

Athens lobbyist Mike Lewis has been courting council members & commissioners with fancy meals, shuttling loud mouth citizens like Gene Dobrin & folks from the media to and from their facilities on weekend "field trips" & has essentially courted everyone in town to gain support for this corrupt agenda item & it's working!   

This Monday when the city council votes on item 5A we will be clear on just...  WHOOooo is selling out?!

NO on item 5A! 
NO to 16 year Amendments to existing vendor contracts!
YES to the bidding process!!

Is West Hollywood becoming the next city of BELL or even worse VERNON? 
Is our city for sale? 

Stay tuned honay....

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  1. A 16-year contract? This contract should go up for bid every 3 or 4 years.

  2. This is actually the 2nd time the city has amended the contract rather than taking it to bid.

  3. This is corruption.

  4. I have had it with this city pulling the wool over everyone's eyes! Good Weho Confidential!

  5. This is RIDICULOUS!

  6. I tend to stay out of politics but this is ludicrous! I trust that e thcity council will make the right decision by proposing an 8 year term with an year an 8 year option to renew. They do have some common sense don't they?

  7. At least we caught them!

  8. Trusting the City Council is your first mistake...


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