Chris Crocker Wants $15,000 To Record An Album

That's right gurl! Chris Crocker is asking begging his fans to donate to his Kickstarter to fund his full length album. Hmmm. Sketchy much? He's asking for $15,000. We wonder how long before he has a Kickstarter for his car payments! We'd rather donate to Adel's lap band procedure. Plus, Chris Crocker just had a documentary on HBO which he got paid for. Factor in appearance$ and interview$ and get the idea! Bullshit.

Currently there is $1,628 PLEDGED OF $15,000.

Gossup Gurl


  1. Whatever.
    Hunty, this loser has been might as well go peddle his ass on Craigslist for $20 a pop...after a few years he might have $50 (assuming the money he makes doesn't end up going up his nose, that is).

  2. what can we do to end this national embarrassment?

  3. Everyone ask for a refund he is stealing your fucking money like a little bitch boy cry baby. He lives with his grandmother and doesn't pay rent. He makes money and is full of it. K thanks!


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