Better Late Than Never: Anderson COMES OUT!!

In an email exchange with The Dish - Andrew Sullivan, CNN host Anderson Cooper told Sullivan that he is gay. We wonder is she's having a coming out party tonight or what?



  1. No one cares..hes not a celbrity just a jorunalist. When Ricky Martin came out that was news, even though Ricky is a has ben - it was news.

  2. No one cares about him. I care more about passing gas in Mother Thersa's face

  3. I don't care except that time I did him minus the condim at Mans Country in Chicago. Yes HUNTY, smooth loosely wrecked daddy hole fully loaded

  4. Dont for get in the letter he wrote he states "i'm not an activist...I'm a journalist"
    So all you AIDS STRICKEN QUEENS out there dont think he is a hero he is NOT out to help your low T cell count ass.

  5. Wow I feel the love!

  6. He is so tired an dhi spost coming out Anal Warts- tired old queen

  7. You guys are such nasty fuckers, you miserable pieces of shits.

  8. Seriously???!!! You asswipes are unbelievable! You get pissed when a "celebrity" doesn't come out and you shit on those that do. Nothing will ever please you stupid cunts.

  9. YngHng2FabNYCBoyJuly 3, 2012 at 9:01 AM

    I was thinking about moving from NYC to Weho but all you nasty queens have me second guessing

    U botox bitches in your cheap A & F tshirts and sprayon tans totally ruin Weho

    I know you are all uglier than your posts and probably havnt got laid in years so your bitterness and jealousy is directed towards that are young beuatiful and rich

    I say bitchs suck it, crawl into a corner and leave us fabulous youngin in peace

    I guess Weho is a nice place to vist but not to live

  10. Hi, Count Your T CellsJuly 3, 2012 at 10:21 AM

    Hi, guys are praising the wrong person. Read the Entire interview on line. "I'm not an activist , I'm a journalilist". As you queens march down to AHF on Lacienega to get your meds , he is not out there giving a care about you or AIDS awareness ,prevention or treatmint.
    So go count your T Cells, that should not take long. Don't be jealous of educated queens that are gorgeous like me that read entire interviews in stead of just the comming out part and he has a penis.:)
    Go count your T Cells AIDS stricken queens go on.... ( As i step in my BMW to go have brunch at the IVY)

  11. YngHng2FabNYCBoy - its not even a good place to visit... i live 45 mins south of there and go once a year if that... only when i have a short memory

  12. fuck this coward. should've done it years ago.

    no one cares now.

  13. Don't be so judgmental.

  14. Potential Avoidance MarchJuly 4, 2012 at 11:39 AM

    Hi, can we talk more about Logan and his trysts at Fiesta please? Thats more entertaining then this. It would be nice to see if any one has come out about recieving any STD's from Logan . Do we need to do an Avoidance march again as we did for Keith and Jay Juan a few months back after it was dicovered those queens were tricking for some dancepartys tickets? We marched from there apartmints to the clubs with signs and banners an dloud it time for another Avoidance March?


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