Because Nothing is Sacred:

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  1. Blowquandra is back from shoplifting in San Tropay!July 29, 2012 at 10:37 AM

    That Red hare..MMMM i dont know where this one is but I sure wish he was in THIS bed with me as i slurp an dnaw on them limbs of him waiting for that Alsakan thunder fuck of a load to jizzup up right on my face and cascade down my body like Niagara falls! Yeah baby come right down here to vermont and normandie Ill give you some shelter and watermelon and some chicken for lunch and you can be MY desert!! My body is just trembling right now- i could just reach an orgasm thinking of how his fresh anus must taste like in this ealry morning hour yummy syrippy like a fresh plate of tutui fruitti from IHOP! James you come right down to Vermont And Bevrly baby ill take GOOD care of you!


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