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The Olympics are Sexual:

Kill * Fuck * Mary: Andrew Christian Model Edition

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Boston's Mayor Confronts Chick-fil-A Over Equality

Christopher "Cocky" Clark

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They Took Our Jobs

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AB FAB Olympics 2012

We Feel Used: Target Ads Target Gay Wedding Registries


Louis Vuitton Waffle Maker

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How Does This Person Pay HIS Rent ? ? ?

Husband of the Day: Jake Dalton USA Gymnastic Team

Alexander McQueen | Autumn/Winter 2012 | Campaign Film

Kold Wet Tranny Ballz: KWTB


Spotted: Carly Rae Jepsen & Stylist Bobby Webster @ Simon Says

Mariah Carey Take Over on American Idol

New Pet Shop Boys Video Focused on Trans Development

Operation LAX Facade Renovation Begins

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Sent from my iPhone 001: Gary Entin

Countdown (Snuggie Version)

President of Chipotle Mexican Grill responds to Chic-Fil-A Bigots

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