WeHo City Council Votes in Favor of Rainbow Crosswalks

Woot Woot!!

Lucas John initially proposed the idea to a majority of the city council via his facebook page. Seeing so much support from the community council member Duran vowed that he would help to get it done.

The city council passed item 2M on the consent calendar & the city of West Hollywood will be painting rainbow crosswalks at the intersection of Santa Monica & San Vicente Blvd.

The rainbow crosswalks are scheduled to  be installed on Thursday evening just in time for this weekend's gay pride festival.

Enjoy the HoiliGays!!
x x o

ps -
Special thanks to nearly a hundred of our readers who took the time to support item 2M via social media!


  1. Lucas John is a piece of work that hates on the WEHO community.

    Now he is using this to make himself look good? WTF??

  2. Since when do I need to make myself look good? I obviously don't give a fuck what you or anyone else thinks about me. The crosswalks will be painted rainbow... deal with it!

  3. They should paint your face so we don't have to look at it.

  4. I hope no one blind needs to cross the street. Too bad no one knows why they are actually painted white. Idiots.

  5. The crosswalks at Santa Monica & San Vicente are dark red brick, not the white stripes on asphalt kind. So dunno what they are thinking. If they painted the bricks yellow, tho, we could all play like Dorothy and the Munchkins and be off to see the Wizard....


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