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Andrew Christian

We almost forgot... Happy Birthday to Reid Graham & the Slores!!!

 Who doesn't love Reid and his twinkdazzler posse!?

Can't wait for their party on the 22nd at the ABBEY... soooo original!!

xo xo 


  1. COry Lee is scum of the earth, he stolen my iphone, wallet and clothes from me several times. He is a such a kinky bitch in the bedroom, he likes to get breeded then go on grindr for more sperm. He has been breeded up to 10 times in one day. He looks like his hair is from Sun-in from the pharmacy. Stay away from this poz klepto freak

  2. So hot boys! Happy Birthday to you all!

  3. I'll take the one on the right please, thanks.

  4. Ahhh gurl I die for Reidy. I baught him the bestest present evurrrr for her burfday! Imma ask to do my laundry on those washboard abs, hello. Can't wait for tha partayyy on Saturday at Z mansion girls.

  5. Can I rent you boys for a Gangbang?! Fuck me these young ducklings are studs.

  6. Cory is an amazing person. You clearly don't know him. He does not need to steal anything.

    i think it is sick that you all go to the "poz"comment to insult someone. people actually are sick and you are using it as a joke. be respectful.

    anyway, happy birthday to these three hot boys!

  7. cory is not a thief. He's a lot of things but he is a good person with a good heart.
    you people are sick.

  8. Happy Birthday sexy boys!

  9. the two on the left are butter faces... but who's #3.

  10. That's Reid, he's fucking hot but is taken.

  11. Have you met any of them?? The little twink on the left is 5'4''. The one in the middle is new, but nice body. And the 3rd is a Butter face with a body that doesnt turn me on.. I guess you either haven't seen them in person and are judging by intagram edits. Or else the person writing these are those three boys themselves. 9 comments. you choose bitches. -J.S.

  12. Happy Birthday you sexy bitches!


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