Andrew Christian
June 4, 2012

Spotted: Molly Ringwald & Justin Root @ Villariagosa's Garden Party

"If you were breathing at all in the 80's you know the magnitude of iconic stature that is this photo! "Sixteen Candles!" "Pretty in Pink!" "The Breakfast Club!" This girl was with me through the angst, heartbreak, crushes, love, fear, anger, and Clearasil that comes with growing up! I can't imagine a life without Molly Ringwald and the the rest of the Brat Pack!" ~ Justin Root

xx Neo


  1. I think Justin Root took my cock all the way inside his manhole all the way to the root-minus a condim last midfall after a night of kissing,ghb, rock cokane, and hot chocolate. We did it till the wee hours..we had to leave the apart ment cause he got a 3 day notice 3 days we continued on at the Melrose baths till about 3 pm then we each found new partners and bid adew.

  2. Molly Ringwald is NO one. Period. Does not deserve to be Grand Marshal of this years parade. Sact Scat Scat on her! She is NOT relevant to the gay community. And who is Justin Root?

  3. Justin Does not use condims ever- smelly sewage hole tho PU!

  4. Oh he is KNOWN to bare back at all hours of the night. You can find him on bbrt on any given night after 2 a.m.!
    I would have to agree that Molly is really nothing. Period.

  5. He doesn't douche. His asshole smells like rotten milk . I was going to eat his ass out at the Hollywood Spa last month and My God- I thought it was the accopolice!! The smell made me gag I ran out oof the room naked to wash my mouch and checked outta the spa!

  6. I saw Justin there and he pretended he didn't see me. I don't know if it was because I caught him fucking my ex minus the condom and confronted him at the time or because I was sitting right next to Missy "Downtown" Brown

  7. The ROOT of his problems is he is just a whore a bare backing whore- damn idiot.

  8. Jesus Christ! Learn how to fucking spell! It's bad enough that you constantly post the same raving comments ad nauseam but at least spell the
    God damn words correctly, you freaking fucktard. Use your fucking spell check!

  9. Justin loaded up my fuckhole about two months ago in a dark alley near Eleven. Should I be concerned?

  10. Yes! You should definitely be concerned! Go get tested ASAP! Sounds like you've been exposed to delusions and an unhealthy obsession to back alley skanky sex fantasies, coupled with extreme tendencies to obsessive-compulsive lying. Unfortunately , I don't think there's any hope of a cure for you. You clearly have a pathological condition, you poor delusional thing.

  11. Ugh....I told him several times to pullout to cum but the fucker instead shot inside. I am gonna get tested this week. I hope to be fine because the fuck was NOT worth a thang. He blew his load in less than 2 minutes. The boy couldn't resist how nice it fell my pink, warm, and smooth raw hole and blew.

  12. Oh puhleeze, keep telling yourself that.

  13. BUGGG chasers love meJune 5, 2012 at 12:59 AM

    I came INSIDE of his with my poz love juice last Decembre' , my lil angels were swimming inside his hole.. He didnt't even blink an eye ball when I told him I have ben poz for 29 years... so I ooooozed inside him 3 times in that bug chaser's gapping maw- giving him that bug he yearned for...then we woke up and left th eMelrose spa and ate at IHOP

  14. His eyes have been looking a bit gaunt latley.
    RIP Jimmy James and Hollywoodlawn.
    Candyasswood rulez.
    Who i s Jacky Beet?
    What happined to dj Lydia Prim?
    What about Manny X? Run otta T cells?
    Manny's teeth still yellow as urine?
    Wayne still making up storys while sleeping on a sofa?
    Eleven late on the rent still?
    HOW does courty Act pay his rent working one night at Revolver a week?
    I am high right now on rock cokaine and am wondering these things

  15. Harreit Tubman sucked GOOOD!June 5, 2012 at 1:29 AM

    I gave him a warm warm ever so warm morselous load a few weaks ago. And no there was not a condim in sight, not even a mention of one. His hole sucked up my load like Harriet Tubman sucked up the milk from the first goat she strangled at the end of the underground railroad when she saw a glimpse of light that sunday morning...

  16. Re: above comment
    As an African American , I do love what you said cause ain't that the truth tho? She must have sucked like a savage beast - that poor goat! The last time a man touched was either her doctor or the Poe-lice when they last arrested her black ass for being a house nigger that was caught out in the fields!

  17. Well said Maaiesha! Gurl , its me Bongquesha'! Remember me? We worked at the Hollowed grounds of Mortimers Steak House on Cranshaw! Remembr the night old man Mortimer left early and we walked out with th eregister!! Yeah It's me girl! Well come by and visit me! I'm now Workering at Benitoe's Sewage Removal and copper plumbing on Washington and I teach helicopter Pilotry on the weekends at the Vanuys Airport!! Come girl like good ol' times

  18. I fucked Justin Root's ass last night bareback. When I was done he just smiled and beltched up cum from the last 12 guys loads he swallowed. Then passed out in the alleyway behind the adult bookstore with his pants around his ankles as a runny bowel movement dripped from his butt onto an old Obama campaign poster laying in the asphalt.


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