Sex Offenders & Hollywood go Hand in Hand

There are currently 93,000 people on California's sex crime registry.

How do YOU feel about registered sex offenders working with children in Hollywood? Is there any grey area? Doesn't it seem unfair if someone was convicted of lewd conduct, i.e. public urination or nudity, or a similar offense that did Not involve children should be penilized the same as a child molester?

A proposed bill has already cleared the California State Assembly, where it passed May 30 in a unanimous vote, 74-0 and is now headed to the state Senate (a similar bill passed the Assembly in 2006 but died in the Senate committees before it could be voted on).

Managers, photographers, acting coaches and other professionals in the entertainment industry that happen to represent minors would be required to prove they're not registered sex offenders under the law if the bill passes. At least one-third of the people on California's registry were convicted of a crime in which they didn't come into physical contact with anyone, claimed Janice Bellucci, president of the group California Reform Sex Offenders Laws. "There are individuals on the registry whose offense occurred more than 50 years ago and there are many people whose offenses had nothing to do with children," she stated. "It's just too broad."

If you were caught  jacking off on a tree in the woods alone should you really have to wear a scarlet letter to work?

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