Sean Menswear Opens Up in WeHo:

There's a new clothing store that just opened in the heart of Boys Town! 

It's called Sean and is located right there on Palm across from the car wash. They have many linen scarves and cute outfits. You're bound to find something you like! 

Check it out next time you're walking by or dropping off your car at Santa Palm!

807 Palm Avenue  West Hollywood, CA 90069
(310) 652-6509

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  1. Girl, I walked in thier the night of the opening and looked at the price tag of the scarf- and child yu'd have to be high on rock crystal to shop in there, I know i waz- they wanted like $ 75 for a scarf.!!!! So, I stole 2 and took them to cross roads - they priced them at $9 dollers each and I only got 3 bucks per scarf! It wasn't even worth my time to steal them 2 scarves!

  2. I hope they don't advertize in wehoconfidential and throw away their money!!!!!!!!

  3. I went in that store today and they can kiss my ass. The above comment was on point. The scarves in there were $75 to $98 !!! They have the same ones at H and M for $4.99!!! What is this hedonistic store for devils children thinking. I managed to walk out with one scarf and shirt today minus the reciept! I will ONLY shop lift at this store- forget about paying for anything. The prices are too high for a bunch of H and M crap. They have no camers are sensors - just go in there choose what you want put it in your Trader Joe's re-usable bag say thank you and walk out the door!


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