Santa Monica & Fairfax via the 1950's

This should be the corner of Farifax and Santa Monica looking NE.

The red car is coming in diagonally (on that same track that passes Gardner St. School at Sunset) Today it would be cutting through the Whole Foods lot. This is why you can see the hills to the north and fading away to the northeast. The car is about to turn right onto Sta Monica Blvd and head west. You can see a third set of rails coming from the right (Sta Monica Blvd) of this picture. On Google maps you can start at Gardner St. School and still see the diagonal cut as the current buildings were built diagonally along the cut.

It was obviously a much simpler time ...



  1. i love this website, thanks for the fun way you look at the world.
    i alos love these old photos of west hollywood. is there a link to a library of these kinds of pix. thanks for all you do.

  2. Great post, WeHoConf. Loved seeing this oldtime photo. :)

  3. Where is the like button?


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