Andrew Christian
June 22, 2012

Mugshot of the Week:

Charge(s): Three counts of lewd conduct with a child under the age of sixteen and one count of battery with an intent to commit a serious felony.



  1. Could his name be Robert Marini?

  2. good job on this kid starting early...

    he's gonna grow up to be a Sandusky.

  3. In no way am I saying it's ok to commit lewd acts with someon under the age of 18 but this boy looks 16 himself. I really hope they are not fucking up his life because he's 18 and the "child" in question was instigating this whole thing. Ya'll remember being 14,15,16 and you know we were not little angels. It's one thing being a grown ass adult and getting frisky with a minor, of course you should know better, but when you're a young adult under 20 you are dumb as hell! Why do you think the legal drinking age in the US is 21? Legal system is a little fucked up. If I were a judge I would let this kid go and let this whole thing scares him straight.

  4. He's hot! I wish he would have fucked me bareback when I was 16!

  5. that kid is like 28!

  6. Not guilty. If I was 14, I'd do him.

  7. yay lets lynch mob.

  8. All you idiots into twinks need to check ID's...


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