Lucas John Proposes Rainbow Cross Walk @ San Vicente & Santa Monica Blvds

After proposing the idea of "Rainbow Cross Walks" at the intersection of Santa Monica Blvd & San Vicente Boulevards to a majority of the city council via FB it looks like Lucas John's proposal (derived from Tel Aviv) may become a reality in WeHo for the month of June.

The council is set to vote on the "Rainbow Cross Walks"  item Monday June 3rd, 2012. And he'd totally love your support on making this happen by sharing this post on you favorite social media outlet or by coming to speak at the council meeting. 

"We have to remember that we are a multi-faceted community but our brilliance, culture & value of WeHo is derived from the LGBT community. It's only appropriate to creatively brand our city in ways that do not disclude non-LGBT citizens & visitors of WeHo. It's not BoysTown, it's our town!" 
~Lucas John, Lesbian & Gay Advisory Board Member

xxo Neo


  1. Yuck. Even towns in the Bible Belt have enough taste not to paint garish red/white/blue crosswalks all over their streets. It's our flag and that's great, but.. enough's enough!

  2. Lucan John is a bitter queen that keeps deleting comments posted about is that fair to all the queens he trashes in the WEHO community??


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