Lohan Found Unconcious @ The Ritz

It seems somethings never change! Lindsay's staff could not wake her up this morning & she was rushed to the hospital. We understand that the little starlet was just really really tired & that there is no need to be overly alarmed since she's not quite 27 yet!

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  1. Sucks she's still alive.

    ...who's really gonna be surprised or CARE for this useless trash once she really is dead.

    would've been JUICY if she RIP-ed tho.. first Erik Rhodes, then Firecrotch.

  2. Fuck you, you evil cunt!

  3. Unconscious in a hotel room... I think it's called SLEEPING

  4. i think it's called CRACKED OUT... what's the over/under on her OD. I'm taking 30.


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