Life After Daddy: Jeremy Lingvall Returns to Facebook

Dearest Jeremy,

We just wanted to welcome you back to the real world. And by Real World we mean FACEBOOK duh!!! Now that you're done burrying your face in rich 75-year-old ball sack you can finally join the rest of us social media users. Heck who knows you might even show up at a gay bar.

We find your new timeline photo to be quite on point. Now that you're no longer sitting in Daddy Geffen's lap of luxury (as much).

We wonder if Obama still remembers who you are? Probably not but don't worry we still remember who you are! We especially remember the press release from your break up. So classy!!

Any who just wanted to say haaaaay! Welcome back to planet earth and things!

x x x
Gossup Gurl

Ps- Salvage your youth before it dissipates like meth smoke in a bathhouse!


  1. "Have less. Do more, be more."

    That says it all, really. But, don't feel too bad for him - he got a nice chunk of money to live off of.

  2. I heard geffens family was behind their break up! They saw him as a gold diggin ho!

  3. Obviously all we care about is how much he got.

  4. No one has heard of this man. Its all about Erik Rhodes and his cock and ashole in the next story .

  5. I was in Vegas about 6 Years ago and saw this boy with Daddy Geffen. He was very attractive and gurl is going do just fine back in weho

  6. Geffen doesn't have any family....

    And salvage his youth? This kid is 28/29 and doesn't even have a real job. He should just end his youth right now and start looking for a real job.

  7. Jeremy had a GREAT window of opportunity to fuck hot guys, like when he was 22-28, but he traded it in to be with Geffen. No amount of money can bring back your youth and all those lost fucks. They had an open relationship and Jeremy fucked a FEW hot guys but was limited, out of the loop.

  8. he never had problem getting laid before, during, and after Granddaddy G. he'll be fine. he's still hot.

  9. what do you get if you are 30 and fucked hot guys when you were 22? who gives a fuck.


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