Katy Perry to Perform on Hollywood Blvd.

Misty: Gurl are you up yet? (2:15 pm)

Misty: Katy Perry is setting up a stage on Hollywood Blvd.

GG: WhooooooOOOoo?

Misty: She's a popstar

GG: Bit(h needs to werk 'cause she sure ain't no Adelle. Just another temporary popstar performing at the mall. We can see her again at the gay pride in let's say .... 25 years!

Misty: Aaahhahaha I am laughing so hard a turtle head just stuck out of my a$$hole Gurl!

GG: Well ~~

x x o


  1. God she can't sing and she's fucking beyond ugly.

  2. Misty, did you go to school or did you learn to read (going out on a limb here) and write (allegedly) on the bathroom wall at Rage?

  3. Remind us Misty which album of yours produced 5 #1 hits?

  4. I was excited about the concert. GG is the one talking shit you illiterate whore!!

  5. Can we just talk about the amazing "calling out you basic bitches" video!? LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Illiterate? Three words: pot, kettle, black.


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