DJ Interview: Dainjazone from LMFAO Speaks!!

Fresh off the stage of the Staple Center with LMFAO, we recently had the opportunity to sit down with (super sexy) Joseph Hampel - aka DJ Dainjazone - and get some inside info on good music, places to party, and maybe some places we could come hang out and act like a mean girl in the DJ booth.

When he's not on tour with the boys or spinning at Marquee, Lavo, The Palms, or Cameo Dallas - you might catch a glipse of his sexy bod during Red Cup at Icon on Sundays right here in LA. Even though he might not be a fan of daytime parties, let's just pray that if he shows up for some Sunday Funday, that he rips his shirt off like one of those big ol' muscle queen on the dance floor of Reflex. That bod of his is ridic.

Now slap some headphones on and pretend you just ran into a drag queen on the dance floor for this.... (you can also download the track for free and play it at your next pool party instead of Gaga radio on Pandora):

We asked Mr. Sexy himself if he had any advice for aspiring DJ's....
"People love a hard worker that keeps his mouth shut and let's his work speak for him even more. I used to network and study in Hollywood almost every night of the week. I'd make trips to Vegas once a month to do the same thing. People noticed the mixtapes constantly being passed out as well. Anything I could to create a bigger name in the name of taste was tackled" "If you want to set yourself apart from others, be yourself. No one can duplicate that. My question for those aspiring djs is - do you know who you are? Learn who you are and everything will fall into place. "

So where does a DJ go to find the latest music? 

"I use for a majority of my club bangers. I hit the blogs for all my obscure, non-club friendly delights."

Check out his website here and follow him on Twitter more tour dates and more music! Oh yeah... and apparently he can cross stitch too.....

Imagine that. 



  1. okay I love what he said but ANY DJ who plays Party Rock needs to disappear. So boring, so tired, so ridiculous. He sounds like genius but come on. that song is HORRIBLE. With this mix he should be spinning at club DV8

  2. I'm Pretty sure he has Party Rock on there because he is on tour with LMFAO...

    I think the mix is pretty good. I'm downloading - thanks WC!

  3. He's the sexiest DJ I have ever laid eyes on!


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