Dear Employees of Eleven

Rumor has it your last day of employment is July 31st, 2012.

xo xo
The Truthsis


  1. who bought it? did they agree to cover all the debts along with the space and name?

  2. waiters are stooopid niggGGGER!zJune 3, 2012 at 10:27 AM

    re : 3:15 You idiot!- who is going to cover debt! they only do that when its a thriving busniess!! not one that going out you stooopid waiter- get yur tips while you can you uneducated NIGGER!! Gosh!

  3. ^then next time you go out to eat serve yourself you nasty little cunt. xo ^^^

  4. I live on Palm I steal from 11June 3, 2012 at 10:33 AM

    The rent of many waiters will need to be paid. You all know which queens hires escorts around here so keep thier numbers Handy! You will Need them!!! And no no no body is hiring in the summer. Montanan Volby and all you lil dancer best start going back to escorting your rent will be late. And Livinoia the prom may need to be held at Hollywood Spa next year minus all condims! Minus minus minus! Fridays wont be so fresh either so Jfree sanker you will need a nother way to pay rent till the white party. I how ever will continue to STEAL yes STEAL liqur from this place till they close.

  5. 10:32
    nigger i dine and dash!

  6. The rent the rent!!! haha!! the rent!

  7. What about Manny Patels teeth and Wayne Gastro. Is anyone going to discuss anything about them?

  8. Atten any one that works here:

    Steal as much as you can!
    Keep ALL cash tickets
    Use your Atm debit cards to do Returns on on gay pride wekkend
    If the custumer is paying with a CC card enter your number as a return
    WE must pocket all $ gay pride wekkend
    He will close doors and keep all the $$$
    Our apartment rents will still need to be paid
    We need to watch out for ourselves
    Keep all cash tickets
    Keep the cash
    If you dont he will
    Keep the cash
    Walk out with epipment ,liqur any thing you can sell on Ebay!!
    Keep all cash sales
    Doors will close and when they do we won't be paid!

  9. Mannys Teeth and Wayne will have to find another place to eat on Trade!

    Manny never tipped and neither did wayne- both broke to the knees!

  10. Walk out with any rstaurant eqipment,any thing they will buy it on washing ton and fairfax!!

  11. Please join the crusade
    Keep the cash
    Our rents need to be paid
    This is a FIRE message
    Till all co workers enlgosh speaking or not
    Even kicthen help needs to be informed
    They have families to feed
    Inform if you can speak spanish
    Take all you can
    If you see some one putting pots and pans or an oven in thier car -look the other way - go in and do the same
    If you see barstolls being loaded in a truck help them load
    And look the other way
    This is a Fire message!
    We need to empty the place OUT by gay pride
    During the gay pride weekend
    We will sell liqur and KEEP the cash

  12. sell th eepimentJune 3, 2012 at 11:04 AM

    East la's best used
    5018 Whittier Boulevard
    Los Angeles

    They will buy any and all restraunt stuff from the oven to the forks!!

    Its like crossraods except for restarunts!

  13. fire fire fire fire!June 3, 2012 at 11:06 AM



    keep all cash sales


  14. I will start taking the cash sales today .

  15. Start walking out the side door at the end of your shift with items
    Hand items to friens in togo bags

    It can be frks,steaks,cups,flutes any thing that can be sold
    We have 10 days to empty the place out
    if you can take 20 things per day you will have some inventory
    to sell!
    If you had 60 chmapgne glasses put them on craigs list another place will buy them- cash in YOUR pockets!

    Alerts any one working
    D -day is 9 days!

  16. I would sue Rich for sexual harassment but this white niggar doesn't even own a set of wheels.

  17. Once Gay Pride is over there's no busy event till Halloween
    So if you dont act Now you can wonder how yur going to pay YOUR RENT!

  18. I worked at Eleven last summer and I was not paid until November in small claims court. I hate this club and I hope the rumor is true. I am glad I pet there and found a real job that pay with real money ... Not quesadillas!!!!!

  19. O M G not quesadillas LOL

  20. You guys are crazy we're just remodeling tranny!

  21. I have Heard the remodeling story before!!
    Java DETOUR said the same thing!!!!






  22. Whoooooooo remodels in the middle of summer? Whoooo?

  23. Oh my god! Would you just shut the fuck up, you raving lunatic???!!! Jesus Christ, you're a real piece of work. You should be ashamed of yourself, you piece of shit.

  24. The rent will be dueJune 3, 2012 at 2:03 PM

    Theres no remodel.
    The rent has ben late for 6 months
    Don't YOU think they would be paying the rent ?
    The office and java detour said the SAME THING
    They both closed after gay pride REMEMBER
    Ask those 5 doller an hour waiters that workd there
    They were scrmabling for jobs
    I told them to do the same thing -Take the cash
    Some listened and paid thier rent
    The others were like " i should have listened"
    Whast harder to do? Listen to me?
    Or tell The Land lord your sad sad sad story?
    Thast why your a waiter.

  25. I think the raving lunatic has a point. We have ben late on our pay. The rent has ben late. The place is for rent. I did work at both The Office and Java Detour and now here at Eleven. This time around I'm going to ake the cash. I remeber I was out of work for 3 months no savings . I sold all I could a tCross Roads and Ebay I even did extra work on tv sets ,which was exhausting. This time I am going to start walking out with stuff and taking the cash on Gay pride weekend. I will porlly quit that Sunday nite and my pockets will be full of cash . My mom is coming in from the valley to take cash drops from me during my shift. I am NOT going to be in a compromising situation with my rent! No way! Not gain.

  26. I work monday night I'll see if theres any thing I can start walking out with.

  27. I am still disgusted looking at Woody Woodbecks teeth. Is anyone else out there Tired of those Fangs glareing at you when you waltz into a club to have a good time? I 'm also sick of Marc Rigotini and his fat ass Big Enormouse face staring at my hot body and face when I walk into Fiesta for a good time. Oh and Wayne Castro is another one that makes me Cringe when I see him! Grossssss!

  28. Monti the Lanlord told me at Cafe De Toil today " They better pay the rent before they do a remodel"

  29. Vote for me at next year's weho awards please. I'm running for Biggest Scumbag, Worst Businessman, Sleaziest Club "Owner", and Gift Giver of the Decade Award. gHONORreABEL mention for jankiest coke fiend too. Im gonna call trip wilmot and see if he has a place for me to crash w him in Mexico. i learned from him on how to launder $ and avoid collections.

  30. oh darlings where will the bi-straight-gay for pay bartenders go? Dayum! Eleven was a fantastic spot for years. Sad to see the demise.

    Oh darlings where will the shirtless dancers and bar tenders go for rent monies? Hookerville? Gayforpayville? Uh honies best of luck to you and yours


  31. Employees: This is your time to take cash. No one will give a rats ass about you after gay pride and the place is CLOSED.

  32. I don'y work there but I have been know t o walk out with some bottles...of liqur....THIS is the time for patrons to do the same..empty the place out. I used to work there and the deserts INCLUDING the pumpkin pie is from pavillions!!!!!

  33. To the ONE commentator that keeps posting the same shit over and over: Alright, we get it! You want everyone to be a thief. You've made your
    Fucking point. Unless you have anything NEW to say, shut your pie hole.

  34. Its me pie hole!June 3, 2012 at 6:49 PM

    Keeep Stealing!

  35. Tim the retarded closeted brain-dead Indian managerJune 3, 2012 at 7:07 PM

    The liquor is from Pavillions too, gurl! But be careful. Rich said he is FINALLY gonna crack down on theft from this point forward. He said if anybody he suspects of stealing comes back into Elevin and orders a drink, he is going to put a special GIFT into their cocktale.

  36. Im a thief an dI 'll continue to steal!June 3, 2012 at 8:55 PM

    Hi, I hate all the waiters and servers here but Tim the waiter. He is good and friendly. Everyone else can kiss my ass! I too have ben stealing two bolttles at a time..I simply walk up the back stairs take what I want then walk out the back door.. sorry Time youre about to lose your job!! I hope you find a new one!! I will continue to steal from this place. I already took 6 place settings of silver ware tonight:)
    By the way Ryan Padia has the smallest penis I have ever seen. Next I'll have you know those straight bartenders all let me give them head in the bath room in exchange for the alll might Coke!!!! Snort Snort baby!

  37. Hey! Lets just loot on gay pride weekend!!

  38. I went there for drinks tonight. I walked out with some utensils and 1 bottle of liqure. Just doing my part!

  39. I had sex in the bathroom tonite at Eleven!

  40. My clit is on fire!!!June 4, 2012 at 12:41 AM

    Let's Laugh a lil bit more about:

    wayne castro any thing about him in general
    manny patel- those urine Yellow Teeeth!
    Woody woodbeck and his gray teeeth!
    How many people have Stolem from Eleven!
    Mama the drag queen MELTING in the sun gay pride just so people will C him!

    Gosh these tired faces / feces of WeHo!!! They are laughing stocks of weho!

    None of them own a home or car! And just guest how Many roomates each one of them has to pay the rent!!!

    Wayne has 4 people to pay the rent! RENT!!! The next time I see him
    I wish I was tall enough so I could just Fart in his Face after having 4 burritoes!!!

    And that Mama drag queen is so tired ..standing on a flaot in the sweltering heat in drag just to get ponited at and laughed at my parade watches- damn idiot looks like the Jolly Green giant on crackola!!!

    Mooooo Moooooo Maaaaa maaaa MOOOO!

    I'll prolly throw a drink in his face ..again!

  41. Candy Ass Hollywood rulez!
    Jimmy James is dead!
    Hollywood Lawn is dead!

    Candy AssWood Hollywood lives on!

  42. Hey! There's more silverware and liquor missing than usual tonight!! Why I oughtta....oh well, im gonna do a couple bumps in the employee bathroom with whatever 18 yr old Wayne is offerring me tonight in return for drink tickets. Then I will once again try to suck Koby's little wiener, and illegally keep the place open past 2am. DAMMIT-- i told Tim to make sure they put Barton's in all the reused Ketel bottles and THEN go make a liquor run to Pavillions!!!

  43. Oh yes the only place where you can come to work high and drunk an no one cares. Then when I am coming down I buy coke in the bathroom from the attendant. After that I give a way drink to all my friends since I am basically working for free since I am still waiting for my March paycheck.

  44. Correction attendint

  45. I'm just wondering if Paul, Woddy and Manny were at the pool party today at Elevin in thongs? And if so, are there any pictures? I really need them...

  46. Why does every one say they buy liquor at Pavillions? Is that Illegal?

  47. My roomate and I had two steaks last night courtesy of Eleven!
    I walked out of there after my shift ,with two steaks,utensils and one bottle of champagne! No one really cares what you do there.

  48. I love Elevin niteclub. it was helped me pay the RENT multiple times becuz it is better than an EBT card or food stampz. i just go there and get ma food and drank on fo FREE!

  49. DONT WORRY The OLD Manager john baklar now works at firsta cantina and will hire all the stealing bartenders FROM eleven and Close Fiesta Cantina too! remember he is straight to the next Bar he can close.

  50. John let me suck on his man hood for some coke

  51. DarkshadowofwehoJune 4, 2012 at 9:23 PM

    I don't envy you guys how have to love off working in weho. Doesn't the guy who owns eleven owns revolver??? And lets get back to talking about woody woodbeck. He loves to snub ppl he just met. That kid shouldn't b snubbing nobody

  52. I love smiling to ALL of you when I walk in there
    I went up stairs and , well I took 3 bottles of liqur
    I put them under my trench coat then walk ed down th eback stairs and out the door to Med village where I live
    I drank the booze at home
    I then cam eback to the club and thanked you when I threw up in the handicap bathroom down stairs
    Im so mentally deranged
    Thank you for letting me do that

  53. I heard closet Case Fat Sam Shariff from Factory wants to buy Eleven too with his hookers money! because he doesnt already own 2 clubs that are late on rent that can only open 2 days a week!@#$%^&*(

  54. Sams Brother offered me 2 drink tickets to give him a lap dance after Rasputin once, doesnt he have a wife?


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