Cyndi Lauper & Fan Spotted @ NYC Pride

"My 2nd time getting a pic with Cyndi—first time was about 17 years ago when she became the first person I ever interviewed! It was for her greatest hits, and she actually wore a similar top hat during that era as she did in the parade today. Thanks to Marie Calfopoulos, the shooter."
 ~ Matthew Rettenmund

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  1. Cyndi lauper is as good as DEAD to me. She hasnt had a song in 25 years! Go awayyyy!! Its all about lady gaga!!! You dang has ben!

  2. Shes a tired has ben- hasnt had a song in 35 years. It s all about lady gaga now...go back to do ing mall concerts you tired od haggggg..yur 15 mins of fame is UP


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