Condom Voters Wanted ~ Vote 4 Condoms!!

Local fashion designer Michael Volkar is a total sweet heart & we totally insist that you take a minute to vote 5 stars on his condom design so that he can win a contest that will place this design on 1 million free condoms being distributed in the LA area.

This is a free chance to help a struggling artist make a few extra RENT bucks with just (2) clicks!!

It's so simple just click here & give him 5 stars!

WeHo DUCKLINGS Unite !!!!

QUACK :::::::::::::::::::::



  1. i thought weho confidential was always minus the condim

  2. Niggers/simonians rule the jails!June 23, 2012 at 7:37 PM

    we dont need a design no one uses condims
    no body
    its just for pretend
    dont forget woody woodbecks grey jaws teeth
    Mannys safrron colored grill
    King quenn lives in santa anna
    plastic martyer lives in lil saigon
    Wayn castro has 78 roomates
    laddy gaga rules
    samantha star is a star
    detox looks likes jon wayne gacy
    montana volby sold a pair of undewer
    anal warts
    minus the condim
    the rent
    summer begain
    im high on rock crystal
    latasha harlin STOLE a bottle of Vodka and paid not with Amex butt with her life!

    rodney king rest n peice you dang truble making feiled nigger
    neiman marus rules
    rum n coke for me

    woooodys teeeeeth dont for get them teeth
    I herd he GOT fired from the blog at fronteeers! ha ha nigger!
    bobby webster rocks
    the buss montior's uterusss is drenching wett!

  3. I just fukked Melissa Brown minus the condim


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