Adore Delano Addresses Drag Race

IF you have been living under a rock or just haven't fallen in love with Adore Delano yet, you will. West Hollywood's fastest up and coming drag queen, Adore, decided to address a few things regarding the RuPaul Drag Race Season 5 contest and the shade that came with it! Oooo gurl!

To break it down, Adore didn't win the contest but had the most votes and should have won. Allegedly, there has been speculation that an inside queen close to RuPaul didn't like Adore and planted a little seed.

Who knows, but Adore didn't make it and we are pissed. Prepare yourself for the inevitable. Adore is here to stay and she will school your old, crusty, expired, drag ass with her 8 months in the game. Get!

PS: Who or what is a Penny Tration?

Sophonda Cox


  1. Adore 4 the win!

  2. well ain't that some shit...where is the legit leaked cast for this and all stars...not just speculation!!

  3. raven wins all stars
    chad is runner up
    latrice is 3rd

    pandora is the first to go home

  4. She really has a pretty face, and seems sweet but her looks definitely needs to be polished, especially the hair; the makeup looks decent, and as she said maybe not being picked this time around will help her to gather more experience and learning for whenever she gets pick. She also repeats herself a lot.

  5. HI,
    Adore needs to ADORE my ass and kiss it like everyone does in this town!
    You know who it is cunt.

  6. ...I was drunk in this video at the end of a show so that explains the repetitiveness & yes I do need a lot of work and I'm learning every day :)


  7. she sounds pressed and bitter

  8. She will never Be on Drag Race!!! She has a lot for learning to do!!! Drag race should only be for queens that have been in the scene for more then 3 years!!! She needs to stay in the IE where she belongs !!!!!! With all the other Busted Queens! her video didn't even meet the requirements it was a mess just like her!!

  9. "she wouldn't of gotten casted."

    He is so cute. #fail

  10. Old tired weho queens beware. she may not be polished now, but id rather watch her grow in front of my eyes that watch old ass detox sweaty ass perform some low-energy coked out shit. go adore, let them weho queens have it (trust me, they are bitter!)

  11. Honey .... you have to understand that this truly is an art form and you have a LONG way to go. Experience really does make a difference. Being on Idol or not ... it really doesn't matter. Singing and drag are not the same thing. You are conveying a message through the song with your body movements and your lip sync. I don't think you should be doing drag so that you can get on Drag Race ... I think you should do drag because you love to do drag. Drag Race should be a bonus for you not a reason to be in the art form. Being from the same state as Penny and having met her numerous times I would say that she is not that great either. And in fact she gets sent home 3rd. If I were you I wouldn't even think about an audition next year or the year after I would think about how I can make Adore better as a performer and a personality.

  12. Girl, you had me during the first half of the video. But damn you cocked it up with that negative attitude. Yes you should believe in your skills and talent but honey know that like in any industry you have dues to pay. And perhaps these more seasoned queens are trying to give you advice rather than bully you. I myself am ten years in the game and I see girls like you every week, young ambitious and think they know it all. Girl do you but perhaps listen to your elders every once in a while you may learn something you never knew, you never knew.

  13. Adore, get naked. I got a plan. (That's a Britney song, but it applies.)


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