Where 2 Be Thursday - 05.24.12

It's time to party like Black Barbie!!

So depending on what youz looking fo' we gotz a party for you!

1) The Abbey's Boys Gone Wild:
* It's Cute & Free

2) Magnum @ The Robertson
* It's Sexy & Packed w/hung men

3) TigerHeat @ Avalon
* Young meat

4) Simon Says @ Standard Sunset
*Free Funky - Disco Party

xo xo Neo


  1. Beware young murkans.
    The US Defense Department has classified the anuses of the men who run this site as Series Level 4 Bio-Hazards.Please be careful when approaching these anus(s).
    As an aware Patriot I feel it is my duty to warn you that they are presently in negotiations with the Illuminati to develop their farting asses into mind control weapons to numb, stupify and zombify the young men not already addicted to Lady Gagme and Prada.
    If you have had contact please call a USMRID weapons expert at 323-463-4266 for de-contamination and vaccine.
    Thank you

  2. how do you know the men are "hung" at a bar? are they checked at the door?


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