WeHo Wonders: Mangina?

If you do decide to click this link & follow us down this rabbit hole ...

Cause nuffin' will prepare you this shiz muffin!!



  1. as I 40 yr old man I could barely deal with this but he thinks it's ok for children to see

    *Legally, this is not considered a pornographic website. No REAL genitalia is visable. All of my penis is surgically tucked up inside me where it cannot be seen. The surgical modification only gives the illusion of female genitalia. Legally, no real genitalia is viewable on this site so this site is viewable by children and in Asian/Middle Easten countries where pornography is not allowed to be viewed via the internet. I could walk naked down the street and not be prosecuted because no actual genitalia, male or female is visable.

  2. I was slightly turned on

  3. Americans suffering from Religious Delusional Disorder have some really fucked up ideas when it comes to sex. On one hand a 13-17-year-old can be married with a parents permission, but unless you are married to a child of that age and have sex with them you considered a sex offender. The strange beliefs of Americans are quite a contradiction.


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