We Want You!!! Now Hiring Free Lance Writers

Do you think you have what it takes to cover the local DISH & cool events!!!

Email info.wehoconfidential@gmail.com w/:

1) Your name
2) Sample Article consistent with our subject matter (include a photo)
3) Tell Us Why You think you belong on the team & how you can best contribute!

We are looking for someone who is interested in managing our upcoming monthly event calendar, writing about the locals & any thing else WeHo should know about.
x x o
Soju & Imlay


  1. Dish, yes... cool events? you're really kidding yourselves, right?

  2. Free Lance writers? Freeing Lance from where? What happened to him? And what should be written in order to free him? I want to apply.

  3. Give Craig Jordan a job!

  4. Free... as in no pay. Lance... as in puncture a boil.

  5. It's paid bitter ms bitter queen!!

    Sorry but gossip sells bitch!


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