Take-Home HIV Test Approved by FDA

The FDA (Food & Drug Administration) has approved a Take-Home HIV Test called OraQuick. It's similar to the rapid test availible at the AIDS van on San Vicente but now you'll be able to bring the test home along with your trick! Utilizing a simple swab device the OraQuick Test only takes 20 minutes and is 93% accurate in identifying positive individuals.

OraQuick Home HIV Test
We wonder how many after parties in the hills will be handing these out at the door! Not that they would work properly, with all that cocaine you just smeared over your gums...but hey it's worth a try!

We think this is basically going to be a gay man's pregnancy test so make sure to pick up a few swabs on the way home from CVS! Don't forget the Abreva® and Tampax Pearl®.

The OraQuick HIV Test will be commercially available later this year as it get's the final approval.

We love OraQuick so much our new motto is SWAB n' SLOB!



  1. They should only let people that pass the test in orgies. hmm maybe the porn industry too?

  2. These should come as a "free gift with purchase" when you buy Andrew Christian underwear.

  3. i can think of a few people in LA that need to use this...
    Many of them friends with B.S.
    Close friends...... EEK!

  4. LOL @ gift with purhcase at AC

  5. someone should stir lucas john Junkins drinks with these and send him "home"


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