Sharon Needles Wins Drag Race Season 4

Our favorite Drag Race contestant Sharon Needles just brought home $100,000 and what's left of our hearts! Condragulation hunty! Our poll over the weekend closed at 5PM on Monday showing Sharon Needles winning by a long shot! 

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Phi Phi O'hara should really get an application for Burger King because nobody will be hiring her in this town! With that nasty ass attitude and a face only a broken mirror could love, we won't be seeing much of you around here. We recommend Chad Michaels for your venues. She is fabulous and downright professional! Werk it mama!

Sharon, to say you deserved this is an understatement. You worked for that shit! We are sure all the queens in WeHo will be wearing your "Tacky Overpriced Crap". #HAPPYHALLOWEEN 

Sophonda Cox


  1. WeHo UnsubstantiatedMay 1, 2012 at 8:32 AM

    So where's your retraction of when you announced that Phi Phi was the winner several months ago? Oh, that's right, you'd never admit to being wrong....

  2. There's nothing to retract. Yes the rumored winner is Phi. How many writers do we have? Several! We don't have to all say the same thing and if that's what you want find another blog tranny! We do what we want. The winner is according to a reader's poll not the truth.

  3. fuck this website. a bunch of lies. you had me believing phi phi won for the past four months

  4. I'm pretty sure they said Phi Phi was the suspected winner and thats why people were so mad, if anything this site made is fun to watch thinking she won. Obviously ru paul would not pick such a hated loser like Phi Phi. Seriously guys, rupaul is no stranger to social media. You act like he dose not read twitter or facebook.

  5. Well some of those OLDER queens who didnt win should get the hint- its time to hang up those wigs!!! Ha ha!!!!!

  6. Seemed to me that a certain commenter who was posting on here was the person declaring that her "sister Phi Phi won the crown," not the bloggers themselves. Take it up with the source, not the messenger!

  7. wehoconfidential and phi phi have a lot in common... sociopaths much?

  8. Cynthia LarrabeeMay 3, 2012 at 4:17 PM

    There is already a well known Sophonda Cox (she is the candadian version of Flava) and i doubt that she is one of the WeHoConfidential bloggers. Is the WeHoConfidential Sophonda Cox an alias for Jonathan Clay Harris? Maybe that is how they've been getting the RuPauls Drag Race scoops. Sounds like a violation of his non-disclosure agreement.


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