Scampaign Alert: FCKH8

Time to take off our wig and call BULL$HIT! The latest anti-bullying "scampaign" FCKH8 cares more about the money than the honey! These clowns don't give a fck, they're all YouTube whores profiting off T-Shirts sales! Don't get it twisted, they'll do anything for a view! A dollar makes them holler honey boo boo!

Remember NOH8? Adam Bouska took a couple vacations off your 8X10 glossy photos while refusing to be transparent. Unless of course Adam is in front of a mirror, then he dosen't cover anything up!

We are sick and tired of people donating to a cause thinking they're making a difference! In reality, all you're doing is paying someones else's rent! First it was NOH8 then KONY and now FCKH8! We are about to start our own campaign and call it F8K, because these are some fake ass bitches! Toodle-oo!

Sophonda Cox


  1. Yes! Thank you for speaking the truth!

  2. upset because you didnt think of it first?

  3. This video is just one tacky late night TV commercial.

  4. I love how they just got called the fuck out. This cause is not doing anything for the community bitch.


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