Sayonara: Goodbye Gold's Gym Venice - Hello Google!

Internet giant GOOGLE has just swallowed up another 30,00 0 sf of space by taking over Gold's Gym. This now gives them a total 200,000 sf in Venice, CA. Seems like they have good taste in real estate but definitely a loss for the locals.

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  1. Actually not a loss for locals of all. Born and raised in Venice - I am glad to see Golds Gym go. Robert Rowling, the CEO of TRT Holdings ( which owns Golds Gym ) is a huge political supporter of the anti-gay agenda. City of San Francisco years ago stopped using Golds Gym as a sponsorship.

  2. Gold's has a lease until 2014, Google says they will allow Gold's to sign a new lease when the current one expires. Gold's isn't going anywhere.

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