Sayonara: ABC Cancels GCB



Those filthy varMINTS have apparently caved into pressure stemming from the religious right wing nut jobs!

Some other network needs to pick this show up ASAP!

"God often speaks to me through Christian Dior"



  1. The show was so badly written. They didn't cave in to anyone. They couldn't hold any viewers with such terrible writing. Where are all the good writers in Hollywood. They certainly weren't working on this show.

  2. New content please...

  3. I'm sorry but Anonymous 1 and Anonymous 2 need to get it together. GCB was one of the most enjoyable shows in a very long time. The jokes were hysterical and anyone who has grown up or been exposed to that culture and way of life downright lives for that humor! The casting was fantastic, and the characters brilliantly written by the same people who wrote Steel Magnolias...aka...AMAZING writers who know how to word play and deliver a punch line, unlike so many other sitcoms that plague the boobtube. GCB will be sorely missed and I can only hope that another network decides to pick it up. There was a lot of criticism by the very groups of people that the show satirizes and it does seem that ABC did cave to those viewers because the show had wonderful actors, great ratings, and a winning group of writers.

  4. i mean wehoconf needs to post new material...


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