Polaroids Of Your Favorite Drag Queens

Sophonda Cox


  1. Detox has a big beautiful meaty thick cock. He/she pounded my butt so hard and shot a load inside. I never thought I was a tranny chaser and I still don't think that I am? Am I?
    I know that I would take that slab of meat any time he/she wants to give it to me. I am serious that cock is beautiful, you have to have her untape it for you. When he/she untapes it, it is like opening the door of a lion cage. It flew at me like a wrecking ball, I thought it was going to knock me out.
    He/she's balls aren't much to brag about though.
    Happy Saturday everyone. xoxo

  2. Willam has one of the tightest assholes in the world. My penis felt like it had died and went to PUSSY HEAVEN.

  3. Amanda Lepore has been fooling everyone for many years. She doesn't even have a penis! I saw her pussy! She is a woman! She told me she has a child too! I can't believe no one is talking about this

  4. Raja , if you see this, will you call me? I have fucked all your friends, but I have never been able to get in touch with you.
    I have to keep this on the DL b/c I am in the papers. Can you post a private email on here? I have a fantasy to eat fried chicken and do watermelon jellow shots with you. And no I am not black, well I am half black but that doesn't count.
    call me!

  5. Drag is for Halloween Psalm 3:16May 19, 2012 at 9:02 AM

    Drag queens are just out casts of gay soceity no one cares about a man in womens clothes and apply make up so they look like clowns. They are fun to point at when they are in a gay pride march or parade but thats about it. Drag queens and the like should really just be written about during Halloween time to get people in the mood to dress up as clown,jokers and such not at any other time of the year.

  6. omg these comments are hilarious.

  7. I am not sure who is writing the above comments, but please continue to do so, you are fucking hilarious! hahahaha

  8. The people who comment on this blog are crazy. At least the one above isn't being mean and actually made me laugh.
    It is true though, Detox does have a big dick

  9. Willam is freaky deaky
    She knows how to chew a piece of bubble gum with her asshole and blow a bubble. It's pretty amazing!

  10. Tis true...my cock is lovely. You're all welcome.


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