Andrew Christian
May 24, 2012

Molly Ringwald Named LA Pride's Grand Marshall

Dear LA Pride Organizers,

 Christopher Street West has a contract that allows them to put together the Pride Parade in WeHo. Council Member John D'Amico believes that our PRIDE PARADE needs some new blood & this year's Grand Marshall proves his case on how out of touch & LAZY Christopher Street West has gotten in planning LA PRIDE! We hope the city finds someone else to organize this tired concept next year!! Maybe they can assemble a comitte to make sure that sh!t like this doesn't happen again.

Oh & hey Molly don't get us wrong you were so cool like 3 decades ago!!!!!!!!

WeHo deserves better!

xo xo


  1. Im sorry But I'm 23 a youn fun crazy queen but have never heard of this woman.

  2. Really? Screw this I'm going to Wonderland and skipping out on the festival and parade

  3. Who is she? I am a 24 year old gay male with a lesbian roomate and we don't know what she has done for any gay people.

  4. are all Pride organizations run by old, out-of-touch losers? we have a real douche running Orlando Pride

  5. WEHO PRIDE NEEDS AN ENEMA. I LOVE Molly Ringwald and it's great she's riding and all because of her upcoming lesbian storyline on "American Teenager." But isn't there another choice? Was Queen Latifah, Adam Lambert or some other GLAAD/HRC/Trevor Project ass-kissed celeb dujour who makes the rounds at their "fundraisers" too busy? This is annual parade that had Paris and Kathy Hilton as marshals in the past. Really? And are you fucking kidding me? And then on top of that vomit-inducing fuckery Christopher Street West has the audacity to charge upwards of $30+ to get into the shitshow that is the "festival." Isn't the point of pride to be as inclusive as possible and to allow anyone to wander in and take pride and absorb the culture? Instead it's all lube booths and now a fucking Summertramp parking lot pool party? Why is WeHo so desperately trying to become the Las Vegas/Bravo of gaydom? Are we just becoming vapid and complacent about such things? It's gross, it's obnoxious and it's pathetic. Can we get back to our roots and actually celebrate our pride and be proud to do so sans the public displays of binge drinking and douchebaggery?

  6. Boycott Pride! It's the only way things will change!

  7. Tired of this Sh*it in TorannceMay 24, 2012 at 1:40 PM

    Id rather see Bobby Trendy as a Marshal sitting in a throne while Selena Luna is on her knees painting his toe nails ,whilee he throws tomatoes at Momma the drag queen who is sitting in a tub of honey with bees flying all around and the sound of music blaring in th e back ground while King Queen is also on this float trying to sing over The Sound of Music...Many Patel can be on the float throwing saffaron rice all the while ,Woody Woodybeck can be can hold up signs for Rasputen! And Rhea Litre can just model back and forth ,back and forth with camera people taking pictures of her all the while White Jazmun can dress as Anna Nicole Smith throwing pink Feathers every where screaming "do you like my body!?" Shawn Hurley can be on the float as well "screaming Gentic Jeans rule!" and" Xander can run around screamimg wheres Simon"!

    Now that would be fit for the Title of Grand Marshal Float!

    Let me know if this float is going to happen if not I will just stay right here at my partment in Torrance and head to Ripples like i normally do on a Sunday afternoon!

  8. Well said Torrance!

  9. Torrance, now thats my idea of a good float!! Speak the truth!

  10. Not out of the gay loopMay 24, 2012 at 6:18 PM

    Now why would they choose Molly Ring wald who has nothing to do with the gay community? Why not have Nadia the lady to volunteers at PAWSLA or some one from Divine Design or a group that helps gay people. Or gwy owned companys or store Owners? Has David Cooley ever ben Marshall? How about him? David is alaways throwing functions at the Abbey. What about Bobby Trendy ? Every year he has furniture rooms donated to the Gay and Lesbian Center Gala In November along with Divine Design in December? Or how about Elton John or has his charity party every year for Aids? Or Queen Latifah who just recently came out? Or those actors and attresses from Will and Grace? Or Sara Gilbert? Or Lady Gaga?

    Why Molly Ringwald? I was reading the above post some one said she has an upcoming role as a lesbian...So what ? She is an out of work woman who needs to pay her rent. She does not need to be awarded the titile of Grand Marshal for that. I may be 56 years old but I am not out of the gay loop!

  11. Grand marshalls have always been a bit askew, I hate to burst everyone bubble but most of the celebs TURN DOWN the opportunity to be grand marshall. Also you can pick a local business person cus that shows favoritism. Its easy to spout off and rebel rouse when you dont know thing one about anything....Comment 1:20 its not over $30 to get in? where are you getting this number? Inside the festival is the best place to be not in line for one of the bars you can go to the rest of the yr.

  12. Well I can tell you right now the queens in Silverlake I heard are ready to Throw tomatoes that day on Sunday! These radical groups will be hard to control

  13. I heard the same thing from the pink ladies in echo park. Sunday bloody Sunday.

  14. Hollywood heard the same!!!! !!!!! and !!!

  15. Calm down queens, do you really go to see the Grand Marshall pass by in less than 15 seconds. No, you're all going with your 'go cup' cocktails and most of you don't go into the festival anyway. The point is to go with your friends and celebrate pride. And Ringwald and her husband have been long time allies of the community. Also, I saw something somewhere about The Trevor Project, based in WeHo is the Community Grand Marshall, so the locals are represented.


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