A Letter from Romney

Why do these idiots keep emailing us.... LOL with claims like standing up to China we're sure Mitt's a total jack a$$. Yes let's stand up to China ... since they are basically the new super power who owns our broke a$$ country. Sounds like a good way to start World War III to us!!! Thanks but no thanks... In case you've missed the Mitt spam here you go hooker: xx Soju


Last week, supporters like you were the first to see what Mitt Romney would do on his first day as president. That included approving the Keystone Pipeline, cutting taxes for job creators, and replacing Obamacare.

But that's just scratching the surface of Mitt's Day One agenda. Americans have been waiting for President Obama to make good on his campaign promises. And three and a half years later, we're tired of waiting. That's why Mitt is ready to take action immediately.

 On Day One, President Romney will stand up to China and make sure they play by the rules. President Romney will repeal regulations that are killing jobs and costing us billions. And President Romney will begin implementing policies that cut spending and reduce our nation's staggering deficit.

That's the sort of leadership that will restore America. And that's the sort of leadership Americans can expect under President Romney. Take a moment to watch the new "Day One" TV ad:

Thanks for your support.

Lanhee Chen Policy Director


  1. Nothing right-wing Republican and anti-gay bully Mitt Scissorhands says can be taken seriously. He has pledged to write hatred of gays into the Constitution with an amendment banning same-gender marriage.

    Mitt Romney does not think the Constitution's guarantees of liberty and equality extends to gay taxpayers. He clearly disregards civil rights and human rights. That disqualifies him from serious consideration.

  2. With a stroke of the pen, Barack Obama could execute an executive order making gay marriage legal.

    During the first two years of his presidency, with a Democratic House and Senate, he could have made things better for gays. He didn't.

    They all stink on ice.

  3. ^ Well, he realized that doing everything at once makes the retarded conservatives (oxymoron?) shit their pants... He DID repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell... you know that horrible law that kept gays and lesbians from being able to talk freely about their personal lives for fear of not being able to pay the rent next month.

  4. ^ With a Democratic House and Senate, he wouldn't have to care if anyone shit their pants. He could have enacted any progressive law he wanted.

  5. ^ It's the Presidents responsibility to care. He is the President of ALL Americans.

    A better concern is what Mitt Romney will do, which is amend the Constitution to make hatred of gay couples infallible law.

    Why does Mitt Romney and his right-wing Republicans hate gay people?

  6. ^ because they're CONSERVatives. They like to CONSERVE the values of yesteryear, including but not limited to, a two-thousand year-old book that hasn't been updated in more than a millenium,


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