Ke$ha's - "Pretty Lady" feat @DetoxIcunt


It's so cute! Thanks for the tip Ms. Litre'!

xo xo


  1. please stop with the drag queens... this isnt 1995

  2. Yeah , really does any one care about a drag queen? I'm on bbrt and grinder trying to score some drugs and cock and ass. Don't care about wigs etc

  3. I dont care about drag queens, but ive never been mainstream gay...but drag has never ever been bigger cus of drag race. srry aboves

  4. you fools above, drag queens are seriously the deal! so fun and entertaining.
    i am really impressed with this song btw, it's hot and i don't even know detox, but i am proud of her! that is huge!

  5. Agreed. Drag is the new thing - have you seen the ratings on RuPaul? Seriously - Lucas knows what he is talking about and the people that read/comment about "no women allowed at splash bash" and now this?

    I mean, I'm surprised you can even read.




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