Andrew Christian
May 14, 2012

Joe Hollywood in Drag:

We're so sick Joe Hollywood being out in WeHo every night cannot stand him. He once was good friends with Khloe Kardashian until she 86'ed him after she realized he was a drunk. Now this bitch is doing drag under the name Nicoletta Nevada and his new best friend is a midget. Is this person serious? Probably the most failed DRAG attempt we've ever witnessed!

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  1. Niggers unite and steal from CVSMay 14, 2012 at 10:30 AM


  2. Thats his fat freind Kyle Henessy with him in drag -two old drunks combing the bars for a free drink. Kyle smells like a Subway sandwich at all times with extra onion-PU!

  3. Joe is just an old drunk and fun- the fat friend is just a tag along

  4. lol this bitch is halerious

  5. this kid has been in the la scene for years, he used to go to tiger when only 15, i wanna know where this kids parents are!

  6. he is 21 how is he old idiots i went to high school with him at fairfax class of 09

  7. this kid is a huge poser and still hasn't done anything with his life...? One time he came to U of I and walked up to us at the bar and was like "Oh Hi, you guys may know me, I'm an internet celebrity named Joe Hollywood." We all just looked at him and then looked away like he didn't matter...guess what? U still don't matter Joe.


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