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Andrew Christian

It's Duck Season!

Christopher Clark (Jimmy Davis)
Get those duck lips ready! Christopher Clark AKA Jimmy Davis, is back posting shameless self-absorbed photos on his Facebook! Accompanied by the Blur Brush he is almost photo-fuckable! Since you had your piss porn deleted we've missed you. Thanks for reminding us to stay hydrated this summer! We can't wait to throw you $40 on Randy Blue LIVE. You're offline right now so we'll catch you next time!



  1. Duck lips good for piss!

  2. love his porns

  3. he's gorgeous. the only trash here is WehoConfidential

  4. I'm gonna watch him live! Will he do anything I ask?

  5. Everyone with a dickMay 19, 2012 at 7:48 AM

    Thank gawd this crybaby figured out he's just a sex worker. Keep that shirt off and own your lot in life.

  6. His PAINFULLY OBVIOUS abuse of the blur tool on his face an liquify tool on his body is just a testament to how insecure he really his. Does he really think no one notices that? He is so insecure he needs to post these highly altered photos for his 5000 FB "friends" to see and comment. Little do they know the "pounds of muscle" he is "adding on" is with the liquify tool (very poorly i may add) and he is covering up his craters and bags with the blur tool (again very poorly). SO SO SAD

  7. AWE YEAH!!!! Ive never wanted to get fucked by a twink so bad in my life!

  8. Too bad he can never erase his porn past. It will follow him EVERYWHERE he goes. Sad.

  9. i just came to his videos 3 times... yum

  10. hes not really a twink anymore...... more twUnky... and anyway wth happened to his ears?


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