Hide Yo' Wallet from Benjamin Galleson

Darling there is a thief among us who has broken the 8th commandment... the only one we honor!


Friends hosted their annual  Kentucky Derby party in WEHO and this old twink stole 400 from the host. 3 weeks earlier, he was also stole a bottle of painkillers. Charges have already been pressed and it's considered grand theft and a felony. We think LA has a new Deejay..

"The fingerprint detective lifted prints this morning, but she stated as I knew, that the surveillance footage will likely be the best evidence.  I went back to the night of 5/14, the first time Gary brought him here and he did the same thing, but footage is even more incriminating with him prowling in my bedroom with a penlight like a burglar - starts to run when he thinks he heard something, then heads back into the bathroom.  He was able to move for efficiently on the 5th since he knew his way around.  Relevant surveillance footage and images submitted.  I'm sure this is not the first time he has done this.  This underscores that we need to be more careful about who we let in.  The films from the 14th show the house overall dark and a complete stranger was roaming around unsupervised while we were in the back yard.  It also looks like he was going into the guest bedroom.  I will probably never be certain what other things he may have slipped into his pockets." Victim #1

Call your girlfriend... it's time you had the talk! Give these reasons! Because he'll just rob somebody new.

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  1. Okay, seriously, you guys. You really have to learn the difference between "their" "there" and "they're".

  2. Thou shalt learn homonyms.

  3. its a shame that he is cute, the thieves are getting cuter!

  4. That's not even his name. I just did some Facebook stalking and it's actually Ben Gallenson. What losers run this site?



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