Happy Birthday Mr. Milk!!

Listen, Queen….

It’s about time you all learned a lesson or two about your gay history. We all have a friend that thought Drag Race introduced Ru to
the gay scene 4 seasons ago because they were too high in the 80’s to remember anything.

It’s time to brush up on some gay history, and in honor of the man who helped start a revolution back in late ‘60s we are paying
homage to Harvey Milk.

So the next time you are at Bryan Singer’s house at 3 in the morning, try having an intellectual conversation about something that
has meaning.

FACT: The 1977 San Francisco Gay Freedom Day Parade was the largest (to the day) Gay Pride ever held after a gay man named Robert Hillsborough died from 15 stab wounds as his attackers chanted “FAGGOT” in his face. 250,000 people came.

 FACT: In 1971, 2,800 gays were detained for sex in public in San Francisco – requiring registration as a sex offender due to actions of the SIR and DOB and Mayor Alioto. New York City recorded only 63 that year for the same offense.

Born on May 22nd 1930 on our rights, but for our country in the Navy during the Korean War. After his discharge, Milk bounced around the US, dating different men and working different careers (sound familiar?) and In 1964 he started his political career recruiting for Barry Goldwater's 1964 presidential campaign. Shortly thereafter he and his lover at the time were appointed to survey homosexuals by the National Institute of Mental Health and the Kinsey Institute. After their re-location to SF, Milk decided to stay.

In 1973, he helped found the Castro Village Association, and Milk became president (No, Wayne didn’t belong). By the end of the year he began his rocky political career and over the next few he was known as the “Mayor of Castro” – organizing the first Castro Street Fair and continuing his campaigning efforts. In 1975 - when the attempt on President Gerald Ford’s life was prevented by one of Milk’s former lovers - he used his celebrity and the media to leverage the public’s thoughts on gays. 

Finally in November 1976, voters elected Harvey as the leading candidate for Supervisor in District 5, surrounding Castro Street. Daniel White, a former police officer and firefighter, was also elected for his first time that year. In November of 1978 White resigned do to “low pay” and was denied reinstatement. On November 27, (at the swear-in ceremony for the new Supervisor) White went ape shit and gunned down Mayor Moscone and our beloved Harvey – shooting him 2 times in the head. Milk had only served 11 months in office.

Not only did Milk develop the “pooper-scooper law” and do wonders for the gay community and , but he promoted many great causes including larger and less expensive child care facilities, free public transportation, and the development of a board of civilians to oversee the police.



  1. I don't read. Well, I can't read. I don't even read my test results.

  2. Just like the rest of Weho who only care about other people in the town?

    This post is gay gold.


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