Get Danny Noriega On Drag Race Season 5!

Danny Noriega - "Adore"
Danny Noriega is known for appearing on American Idol back in 2007. Now, he is a fierce queen known as "Adore". We know you'll fall in love with his new found drag persona! The contest going on right now allows fans of RuPaul's Drag Race to vote for who they'd like see on season 5! Your vote will decide if Danny get's on the show or not! Let's make it happen for this local drag newcomer! 

Danny is currently in the Top 5 so make sure to vote now!



  1. Yes we already know from Idol he has great talent! But Danny might want to rethink the nasty bitchy attitude when directed towards other contestants. It works for some, but has backfired for others (Phi Phi)

    Being a successful drag queen is not all about being a bitch, its more about being a peaceful coworker with other queens, Chad Michaels controls most of Southern CA drag bookings. Chad will not book someone that acts like a bitchy diva backstage.

  2. danny is amazing, I'm glad this site is behind him.

  3. he kinda remind me of sharon needles and wiliam mixed

  4. fuck chad michaels. adore is awesome.


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