Did Belinda Carlisle's Son Hire Mariah's ReToucher? ?

James Duke Mason
Gurl we heard that Mr & Mrs. Mason were cheap but apparently they didn't spare a dime on retouching their little hamburger hamlet!!

If only they could do something to clean up that name dropping stretch mark museum he calls an a$$!! Or at least call the gardener to clip those sporadic bushels!

We know ... we've said enough!


PS- What ever happened to that shady ex-con he was dating or is he back in prison again?


  1. Wow. Do he really look that? is Mariah retoucher comment a joking? because he look sexy and would like him fuck me minus the condim.

  2. Queenking's talentless babyMay 25, 2012 at 5:15 PM

    could the gay community have better twenty somethings advocating than half retarded children of C listers? Only a mother could love a forehead like that.

  3. He and I had bare back anal sex...and some water sports fun...the only delimma was h edidnt douche an dthere was a chcolate milkshake all over my cock and sheets when I pulled out he also passed gas and it as I mean.. He ripped a big one and it splatterted every where... the smell really ruined the night.

  4. No matter how hard he tries he will never be considered hot, he will always be that fat short little rolly polly troll doll with the down syndrome face. Even with obvious and extensive photoshopping he looks like he should be on the short bus.

  5. Why the hate on this kid?

  6. i wish he looked this good in real life. then i wouldnt have had to toot it and boot it on our first date #pityfuck

  7. why the hate on this kid? he not a good person... lies and tells fabricated stories. acts like he knows people and has a young sense of entitlement. He tried to do everything to smear my friends name in west hollywood, unlucky for him my friend is one of the nicest guys known to hollywood and EVERYONE knew it

  8. I hate on him because he doesn't know his place as being ugly. When you think that you are living in outer space you need a reality check. Or forehead check. either one.

  9. i think he is adorable


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